Beginning of #37 – Starbright?

Starbright is the name of the Red Heart Classic variegated yarn that was this afghan’s starting point. Introducing “Starbright”~

I chose one yarn to represent each of the colors within the variegated yarn, plus white. The choice of a peach/coral yarn was interesting. First I tried this bright one, because it’s often fun to add a bit of zip! to a kids’ blanket.

But, having crocheted only a few rows beyond the first bright coral stripe, I decided it was too light, too bright, compared to the coral in the variegated rows and I ripped back. It’s always so unsettling to rip back! Sometimes there is no other solution. sigh

It was worth it for I’m much happier with the fit of this darker coral. It’s a thin chenille yarn I rescued from a thrift store sweater, so I’m using a double strand of it.

I intended to keep the width of each stripe in ratio to the amount of each yarn I had. (More yarn, wider stripe, less yarn, narrower stripe.) But, even with plenty of it on hand, I’m making the dark coral stripe only two rows wide. Besides crocheting with a double strand of it, this yarn physically drags on my hook, slowing me down even more. Two rows of it is enough.

One six-ounce skein of “Starbright” will only go so far. My trusty ripple formula says it will make about twenty rows, (six ounces x 3.33 rows per ounce = 19.98 rows), not quite enough to complete an entire blanket (about 84 rows) in my striping plan, so I’m substituting a few rows of white for the variegated near both ends of the ripple. Let’s hope the formula proves itself right, once again, and I have enough of the variegated yarn for the rest of the blanket.

I often use the name of the featured variegated yarn for the ripple made with it, but I’m favoring “Beach Umbrella” over “Starbright” as the name for this ripple. What do you think?

Only sixty-five more rows to go…

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3 Responses to Beginning of #37 – Starbright?

  1. Edith says:

    Definitely “Beach Umbrella”! It’s going to be another beautiful blankie 🙂

  2. I agree…. Beach Umbrella is definitely better. The colors in the yarn aren’t anything like stars, to me.

    • Linda says:

      Check, two votes tallied for “Beach Umbrella”.

      The colors have no connection to stars that I can see. DH nearly had a match when he said they’re the old “Star Brite” toy colors, but what he meant was “Lite Brite”. lol.

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