Yarn for a Summer Sweater

I just found this spruce green Aeropostale hoodie at Goodwill. It was $5.99, but I got it for half-price, because the little plastic tag, noted by the big arrow, was yellow, the sale color for that day! It’s made from a very smooth and soft 60 cotton/40 acrylic blend and I would wear it as-is, if it fit me, but it’s too small.

That’s o.k.; I have just the pattern in mind for its yarn! I recently went through this pile of knitting magazines, one last time, tearing out the patterns I wanted to keep. I’d like to make #16 the off-the-shoulder pullover by Irina Poludnenko, which was in the 2005 spring/summer issue of Family Circle Knitting. I’m relieved to see photographs proving it looks good on-the-shoulder, as well, and I’ll be leaving out the novelty yarn trim.

The only remaining question is whether I can get this sweater unraveled and the new one knitted before the weather becomes too cool to wear it! I tell ya, the pressure, The Pressure!! LOL.

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2 Responses to Yarn for a Summer Sweater

  1. If you can get this unraveled and reknitted before cold weather, I’m envious. It takes me a whole spring and summer to finish one sweater. However, I’m not completely faithful to the sweater. I like to knit small projects along with the big one. BTW, I have the same issue of FC Knitting. Have fun!

    • Linda says:

      Well, you know I won’t be “faithful”; must keep crocheting ripples too!
      It would be a big help if I declare that “cold weather” doesn’t arrive until, oooh, January? LOL!
      I’m sure this top would look lovely worn with a shawl!!
      At least the top’s all simple ribbing, and practically sleeveless! We shall see…

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