Appreciating Electricity!

My heart leapt at the sound of the water pump automatically switching on, signifying our electrical power’s return, sometime (can’t read the dial of a vintage wind-up alarm clock in the dark) last night. What a relief!

Although the lights have flickered a couple of times so far this morning, I don’t expect to be returning to the dark ages anytime today. The refrigerator has finally stopped running, but the freezer in the basement is still humming away. We heard that the life expectancy for food in an unopened freezer is four days, so we are thrilled to have made it with plenty of time to spare. We’ll be celebrating tonight by sampling the three flavors of ice cream that we hope survived Irene’s visit. Perhaps there will be many milkshakes in our future.

My special friends, microwave, toaster, and blow-drier, I’m so glad you’re back. And refrigeration, wonderful refrigeration, how we especially missed you!!

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2 Responses to Appreciating Electricity!

  1. You’re luckier than I was. I lost what was in my freezer this year when the lights went out on April 27th. But that’s ok. I needed to clean out the freezer before we moved in June. I like living in the 21st Century. Don’t you?

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