Found: A Ready-to-Assemble Granny!

The “tiny thrift” is no more, for it has moved into larger quarters! No longer tiny, or even the smallest thrift in my area, I guess I’ll start calling it “the local thrift”, since it’s still the closest to where I live.

Not yet familiar with the store’s layout in its new home, I was a very thorough shopper. When a place is so jam-packed with potential treasures, it’s too easy to overlook a rack or shelf. I came to a dead stop in front of the new craft-supply shelf, which is much nicer than the old storage bins. (No more is kneeling necessary!) There sat a two-gallon Ziploc packed with these granny squares! I’m guessing there are enough for an entire blanket! And another Ziploc held matching yarns for the potential granny afghan’s border! Giddy, giddy HaPpY dance!!

I finished filling my $4.00 bag with:

– Eighteen ounces of various vintage yarns, plus a skein of dark purple novelty yarn. (for charity ripples)

– Two knitting magazines. (self-explanatory)

– A little stuffed bear to travel with a ripple afghan on its way to a foster child.

– A back-up stainless steel measuring cup, so I won’t go nuts the next time the other one gets left hides from me in the sugar container.

I admired a rather large new-with-tags stuffed elephant (for charity, see bear above), a burgundy chenille sweater (charity yarn stash) and a large piece of coral quilt fabric, (charity fabric stash) while I considered whether to begin filling a second bag. Remembering my pile of sweaters waiting for unraveling and my already ample fabric stash, I put back both the sweater and fabric. Sometimes I show self-control.

I paid just 50 cents more for the cute elephant. From the top of his lovely pink-lined ears down to his toes, he measures over twenty inches long! He’s sure to generate some big smiles.


Ooooh, what should I do first, lay out my granny squares or look at my “new” knitting magazines?

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