A Yarn Inventory

Having recently crocheted two ripples, “Cool Lime-Mint” and “Cotton Candy”, from baby-weight yarns, I’m curious to see what others remain in my charity stash. Rather than try to work in the cramped space and heat of the attic, I’ve brought all the boxes of baby yarns outdoors today. It’s quite warm, but cloudy, and there’s a lovely breeze.

I can’t help but notice how much of what I thought was baby yarn is clearly sport:

It’s a little overwhelming to see the rest, all baby yarns, laid out like this:

I’m not looking for anything in particular.

I just want to get a better idea of what’s in all those boxes up in the attic and these pictures will serve as a reminder of what I have to work with.

The row of long skeins across the bottom are all pale variegated yarns.


Looking at this grouping of yarns, I’m quick to imagine a simple ripple of broad blue and yellow stripes.

A darker blue or white would give some contrast.


The sun just appeared and it washed out the colors.

These yarns alone would make a pretty blanket!




Inventory completed:

It will be so much easier to choose matching weight yarns for blankets now.

I set these sport yarns aside for a baby blanket. I hope there’s enough, one pound total weight. I don’t know, because I’ve never made a ripple with sport-weight yarn before! I do know that it’ll be a bright, fun, non-traditional baby blanket!

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6 Responses to A Yarn Inventory

  1. Edith says:

    Phew…that’s a LOT of yarn! BTW, I work with ‘sport’, or DK yarn most of the time. If you crochet with 2 strands of sport weight yarn together, you will probably have the equivalent of 1 strand of worsted weight. Anyway…that’s how it’s works for me. So, if you double the amount of sport weight, you will get one quantity of worsted weight, or thereabouts. Make sense?

    • Linda says:

      Yes, that does make sense! The two ripples I mentioned were made with two strands of fingering weight. I don’t mind crocheting with a double strand.

      I’m only trying this one with a single strand of these gold and orange sports, cuz I’ve got just the one pound, not enough for even a baby blanket if I double it. We’ll see, I suspect it may feel like I’m crocheting in slow motion! But not as slow as if I went with a single strand of fingering!! lol.

      It just occurred to me, I could hold a strand of light yellow fingering or sport (I have plenty of light yellow!) along with each of the assorted sports colors. That could look good! But, I’ve already started, so… next time.

  2. All that yarn! Makes me just want to dive in and wallow. Yes, wallow but like a cat. The colors are luscious. Enjoy!

    • Linda says:

      I can imagine Emily (my cat) nestled down, napping right in the middle of all of it!

      I’m so glad I sorted. I really didn’t have a clue anymore what all I had packed away. There’s some nice stuff here! It’s going to be fun to play with. lol.

  3. psmflowerlady/Tammy says:

    Dontcha just love, love, love planning projects from stash?? It’s one of my favorite parts of knitting/crocheting!

    • Linda says:

      Since the stash is always evolving (yarns come in, yarns go out) I can count on seeing new combinations every time I toss it. And its fun to rediscover “treasures” I forgot I had!!

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