Ripple #40 – French Country Trois

Choosing to ignore the rose and white portions in the Red Heart Soft variegated yarn, “French Country”, this time I emphasized the blue and green in equal proportion. I used a much brighter blue than in the first ripple of this series.

11,962 stitches – 478,834 donated so far this year

Let’s look at all three completed French Country ripples together:

Five skeins of “French Country” and almost four of “Light Celery” still remain!

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6 Responses to Ripple #40 – French Country Trois

  1. The bottom one is still my favorite. Dunno why……just is.

  2. renee says:

    I love the way you use the variegated yarn!

  3. She Li says:

    All three are stunning! I truly love the gorgous play of color in the second selection, extremely well done!

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