Beginning of #42 – Sunshine

I’m making this ripple with three sportweight yarns that I found while taking an inventory of all my lightweight yarns last week: gold, pale yellow and deep orange. I also grabbed this light orange, a fingering weight yarn, just because it goes so well with the other three colors! My solution for dealing with it being a finer yarn is to do half-double crochet stitches with it, instead of the usual doubles. This nicely camouflages the difference in yarn weight.

In at attempt to make up for using finer yarns than usual and a smaller hook, (G instead of my usual H) I decided to add one more stitch to every up or downhill run, making them eleven stitches each. That’s twelve more stitches in overall width. It’s measuring about 32″ wide, which is fine for a little baby blanket.

The striping plan is three double-crochet rows of gold, two of pale yellow, and then one orange. I’m putting one narrow half-double light orange row somewhere in each stripe set.

I’m anxious to see how large of a blanket I’ll be able to make with one pound of sport and fingering weight yarns!

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4 Responses to Beginning of #42 – Sunshine

  1. Normally, I don’t like oranges but I do love yellow. You have managed to put them together in such a way that I like it.

    • Linda says:

      Thank you Judy!! What a surprise! I haven’t “Officially” accepting the award yet, because I don’t have a list of fifteen blogs to nominate, but I’ll post my list of seven things later today. 🙂

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