Accepting a Blogger Award and Nominating 15 Crafty Blogs

There are four steps involved in accepting The Versatile Blogger Award. The first was to thank the person who kindly shared their award with me and create a link to their blog. (Step One) Thank you again to Judy at Northern Narratives for nominating me!

Next I had fun sharing seven things about myself. (Step Two)

I’m about to share links to the fifteen blogs that I am in turn nominating. (Step Three) Once I’ve notified all my nominees, (Step Four) I can “Officially” accept my VBA and display its button on my blog’s sidebar. Yippee!!

Here is a random mix of interesting craft blogs I’ve recently discovered. I hope you have fun exploring. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite! Consider sprinkling some comments about; it’s a fun way to encourage bloggers’ creative efforts, both in their craft and blog.

1. Dolly Donations

2. mamacjt 

3. bit O whimsy

4. CroCreations

5. Thrifty Miss Prissy

6. MyIssaG’s Crochet

7. Stitchin’ Therapy

8. Crazy as a Loom

9. craftybegonia 

10. Basket full of Scraps

11. East of Eden

12. Renate Kirkpatrick’s Freeform Crochet~Knit~Fibre Design

13. Not Your Gram’s Afghan

14. Kinship in Color and Wool

15. Bits and Bobs

I’m off to pass the gift along by telling them about their nominations. (Step Four) Watch for my cool Versatile Blogger Award button to appear later today!

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10 Responses to Accepting a Blogger Award and Nominating 15 Crafty Blogs

  1. Tracie says:

    Thank you so much for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Its my first!

  2. Thanks!!!! This is my first blog award!

  3. renee says:

    Thank you so much!! I’m working on that ripple as fast as I can!

  4. northernnarratives says:

    I’m going to visit your list of crafty blogs 🙂

  5. Shell says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination. This will be my first one 🙂

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