Whispering Zebras

This yarn, Red Heart Super Saver “Zebra”, has whispered to me ever since the day I brought it home, “Pick me. Pick me! Ignore those other yarns; they’re all so boring. I’ll make an interesting looking ripple! Just pick me and you’ll soon see. Pick me. Pick ME!!”

I’ve tried to decide which yarns to put with it for a charity ripple afghan. Obviously, the simplest would be black and white, both of which I have plenty, although the white in “Zebra” is a slightly yellowed white. I also have this partial skein of grey.

But, how would it look with some Color(s)?

I did a search in Ravelry for projects made with “Zebra” (see note at bottom of post) and I found that most people used it all alone, or, yup, with black. There were a few projects that included red or burgundy, a couple with bright blue, one with pink, and even one with orange and turquoise! Most of those colors seemed worth considering.

My immediate reaction was to toss the bright blue and pale pink, leaving that unknown burgundy and two Red Heart Super Saver colors, “Cherry Red” (a recent donation) and “Light Raspberry” (a recent unravel).

All three look great to me! How do I choose? I don’t have a three-sided coin. Then it occurred to me that, since I have two skeins of “Zebra”, I can make two zebra ripples! Problem solved you say? Well, which two? Burgundy and red, red and pink, or pink and burgundy?

Bah! I don’t have to decide today! I’m going to leave the yarns alone for a while. You know, give them time to talk among themselves.

Note:  You need to log-in as a Ravelry member to see members’ finished projects. If you’re not already a member, it’s free! and it doesn’t take long to sign-up. You’ll be glad you did.

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10 Responses to Whispering Zebras

  1. northernnarratives says:

    I like the red and pink. It will be fun to see what you make from the Zebra yarn 🙂 Judy

  2. I’m gonna go with the raspberry yarn as my preferred choice. Whatever you choose, I’m sure it’ll look great!

  3. RButka62 says:

    Go out of the box and use every color,be a little daring.
    What ever you choose it will look beautiful!

    • Linda says:

      To be honest, the thought of using them all together made me shudder a little, but then, that’s just me. lol.
      I’m sure someone could make a beautiful blanket that included them all!
      At this moment, I’m leaning toward red for the first zebra. But, ask me again tomorrow.

  4. psmflowerlady/Tammy says:

    When I first saw it, I thought team colors. I grew up around Pittsburgh (Steelers), so kids in that area would have loved it with yellow. Now I live near Columbus and everyone is gaga for the OSU Buckeyes – whose colors are red and gray. I know that when I’ve done hats for local kids, the boys love getting the team colors and sometimes that’s the way I add some color for boys. Any popular teams in your area that the foster kids might get a kick out of having a blanket for? Just a thought. I think you can’t go wrong with red. But I also saw on the Rav page a blanket that had a bright turquoise and gold with the zebra and it was a nice look too.

    • Linda says:

      Let’s see, UConn Huskies – blue and white, UMass’ Minutemen – maroon and white, and the New England Patriots’ – red, white, blue and silver. I don’t watch alot of sports, so I don’t know which teams are the most popular, but those would all make great looking blankets! Thanks for the idea.

      And, another vote for red. I admit, I’m leaning in that direction myself for the first Zebra ripple.

  5. She Li says:

    I’d use them all:)

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