Yarn Harvesting

Looky, looky!! Lots and lots of pretty pink yarn!! I’ve finished unraveling the double-strand afghan that I found at Savers. My double ball-winder technique worked very smoothly and now I have over three and a half pounds of RHSS “Light Raspberry” yarn to add to my charity stash!

My next unraveling project is already waiting for my attention, a knitted afghan, also from Savers. It’s another that weighs over three pounds and, again, was only $3.99! It’s big, 60″ x 78″, plus the fringe, and too heavy for a small child to easily carry around. Drag!, yes, but carry?, no.

I hope to unravel just half, leaving a child-sized afghan. I’ll have to see how tricky the color strips are to partially disassemble and bind-off. Hopefully it will be a simple re-finishing job. If I’m successful, I’ll have a smaller afghan and about eight ounces each of yellow and green yarns for the charity stash. They’ll go nicely with some of my freshly harvested “Light Raspberry”.

These colors make me think about sitting down with a bowl of rainbow sherbet! Oh, to crochet a rainbow sherbet ripple! But I’m missing the orange. Lemon, lime, raspberry and orange, right? I’ll have to do another stash dive and see if I can find some!

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5 Responses to Yarn Harvesting

  1. janem123 says:

    What great finds and what lovely colors! I’m sure the lucky recipients of your afghans will be thrilled.

    • Linda says:

      Thank you. It’s fun figuring out how to make child-sized afghans from the Big Blankets I find. I hope I can save most of this beautiful knitting!

  2. I’ll get the sugar cookies to go with the sherbet! Daughter got a blue ribbon for hers!

  3. Linda says:

    SweetPea65 left me a message in Ravelry at 4:46pm on October 5, 2011.

    She said:
    “I cracked up when I saw you had unraveled a RHSS Light Raspberry blanket because a) I had just ‘acquired’ a batch of the same color along with several skeins of White and Gemstone and b) I only have one yarn winder and it never occurred to me to use ‘two’ yarn winders to unravel a ‘two’ stranded blanket. I, of course, was doing it the hard way. I either got my husband to wind one strand into a huge ball that had to be rewound into cakes later, or did it by myself, which you can imagine ended in disaster and knots (lol). Linda, you my dear are brilliant and I will be on the lookout for a second ball winder.”

    I replied:
    “I had always tried to rope DH into helping me with double-strand items before too. I’m brilliant? LOL. The woman who saw me looking at the ball-winder at Savers, thought I was brilliant too, just because I knew what the thing was for!!

    The two-winder method isn’t without it’s own challenges ~ sometimes one strand of yarn spirals round the other and you have to twirl one winder around the other one to get the strands back to normal! But at least I can do it whenever I’m in the mood now.”

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