Not Quite Ready-to-Assemble

Emily and I have had time to take a closer look at the bag of granny squares I got at the local thrift.

There are eighty-three squares, including some odd balls. If I use a 7 x 11 layout, which would make a kid-sized blanket of about 35″ x 55″, I can pull up to six squares. I’m saying good-bye to these two lonely variegated squares and the only three with green in them.

There were also twelve single-color squares nestled among all the multi-colored ones. I’m slighted tempted to crochet replacement squares from the extra yarn, but there are twelve of them, enough to be considered a “design element”, so they stay. Besides, I want to use that extra yarn to make a Wild multi-colored border!

Looking at the backs, it’s obvious that yarn ends were firmly square-knotted at every color change (the knots are tiny and very hard) and then clipped closely, leaving most tails less than 1/4″ long. I wonder how this finishing method will hold up under the stress of machine washing. Do you know?

Thankfully, most of the granny squares are about the same size, 5 1/4″. I enlarged several small squares with blocking alone, but eleven squares are still only 5″ so I’m adding a single-crochet round of black to those. There are also a few larger squares, 5 1/2″, which I’m simply going to ignore! I’m considering a zig-zag join*, because I think it will accommodate all these slightly different sizes.

*Scroll down to the fifth photo. You’ll see the wording “This example shows a chain 2…” The more chains you make, the wider the join between blocks. I’ve seen it done with up to four. Another variable is the number of granny square stitches that you skip between the slip stitches. You could choose to skip only one or two; the fifth photo shows skipping three. The zig-zag join is also a good way to make a blanket a little bigger, without adding another round on every square.

Let me get back to crocheting around those eleven squares. As soon as they’re finished, I get to arrange and rearrange all seventy-seven squares until I settle on just the right lay-out for them, always a fun process!

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8 Responses to Not Quite Ready-to-Assemble

  1. janem123 says:

    I continue to be extremely envious of your thrift store finds! : ) I’m sure this afghan will be lovely and I look forward to seeing the finished product.

    • You wouldn’t be so envious if you saw my living room right now! It resembles a thrift store, because of all the great finds that need to be “processed” before they can be passed on, closeted, etc. I’ve learned not to stow them away though ~ out of sight, out of mind. lol.

      I want to see the finished Thrifty Granny too! Hoping to find some time for it later today.

  2. Good luck with the clipped knots…..otherwise, it will be a nice blanket when you’re finished.

    • All I can think of is to put Fray Check on all the knots, but then they’d be even harder little knobs! So I’m leaving them as they are. Hopefully the knots will hold. If not, well… I hope the person receiving it gets alot of enjoyment out of it before that first fateful washing. C’est le vie!

  3. Bobbi says:

    Could you “sew” a flannel backing to hide and soften the treated knots?

    • I do have some red flannel… or maybe solid-colored fleece, instead? I have some large anti-pill remnants. ($2.00/yd. recently!) and I wouldn’t have to hem its edges. I don’t know how I would it attach it around the edges (yet), but I could tie it through the center of each granny square like you would a quilt, leaving fun yarn tufts on its back. (match the color of each tie to color of square’s center, so it wouldn’t be obvious on front)

      Thank you for the idea, Bobbi. You’ve got my gears turning.

  4. Colleen forrestfield wa says:

    I would like to know how to do the corners of the joining zig zag st but I cant seem to find one
    Could you pleeeeeeease help me? Thanks

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