Learning to Join-As-You-Go

Once I’d finished making the granny flowers, I jumped right into the next step, which is adding two rounds of Soft Sage while joining the squares together. Things went smoothly for me with the help of Lucy’s wonderful tutorial for joining-squares-as-you-go that she shares in her blog, Attic24. Remember, Lucy’s British trc is the same as an American dc.

As usual, I couldn’t leave well enough alone, but I only made a little change. I was trying to get my squares to abut each other, instead of overlapping. You can see the subtle difference if you look back and forth between the photograph of Lucy’s finished squares, which is at the beginning of her tutorial and this photograph of mine.

Maybe I’m delusional and the only real difference is that my squares are all bordered by the same color, but I’m happy with my results.

What I do differently is to add chain stitches, which give more ease at each join. When joining two squares side-to-side, I make one chain stitch before I make each slip stitch join.

When I reach the inner corner join, where I’m fitting my new square up into a finished corner, I make one chain stitch before I make the slip stitch join with the first neighboring square’s corner, then I move diagonally and make a slip stitch join to that second finished square’s corner, and finish with one last chain stitch. That’s one chain before making two corner joins and one chain after (two chains total).

This technique creates an entirely different texture than the flatness of whipstitching or the ridge formed by crocheting a seam.

Now that I’ve done the join-as-you-go process several times, twenty-seven times to be exact, I hope to pick up some speed. Only one hundred and thirteen squares left!

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2 Responses to Learning to Join-As-You-Go

  1. Excitement!! It’s coming along beautifully!

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