Why Fight It? or A Thrifty Haul

I was going right past Savers on my way over to Target last Tuesday, when my car seemed to pull into the store’s drive all on its own. (Remember, anyone 55 or older gets the Tuesday 20% Senior discount at Savers!) I admit, I didn’t even try to fight it; I was in the mood, ready for a treasure hunt.

I wish that I’d had my camera with me, so I could show you; I have never seen So. Much. Yarn. at Savers before!! Feeling certain that another yarn lover would come along at any moment, I knelt in front of the wire bins and quickly sorted through all of it! Anything I was remotely interested in went into my cart. When I stood up I was a little startled by the amount of yarn that had accumulated there! I went through it a second time, tossing a few bags back, before turning the corner to go look at afghans.

Only one afghan got my attention:

What a fun cheery afghan! I didn’t notice how it’s blocks are somewhat out of order until I got it home. LOL. They almost form diagonal lines of matching colored blocks. Oh, well. It’s in beautiful condition and just the right size for a small child, 41″ x 52″, yet was only $3.20 after my discount! I’ll deliver it with my next group of charity ripples.

Here’s a close-up. Maybe you’d like to figure out the motif’s crochet stitches?

Having taken care of yarn and afghans I slowed down as I headed over to accessories, where I found a pair of new Dockers socks just right for my sister, $1.99. No, that’s $1.60. lol. A clearance sticker says $4.20, which, of course, makes me wonder how much did they originally sell for? I think she’ll like their seasonable images of pumpkins, acorns and leaves. I already sent them off in the mail, tucked in a birthday card.

My “new” scarf/wrap was hiding among the sweaters. It is amazingly soft and finely knit. I Love It! Although made in Italy, its tag also says 100% acrylic and ImagoTuscia, not Missoni. Marked $5.99, I paid $4.80.

Feeling quite satisfied with my finds, it was time to make final decisions about all that yarn that was still in my cart! I looked at each bag’s price tag one last time and did some mental gymnastics, deducting my 20% discount and comparing the results to both, how much it would cost with a 40% coupon at JoAnns/Michaels/ACMoore, and how much I usually pay at Sal’s thrift store. At the same time I marveled over the variety of vintage variegated acrylics I had gathered!

Only one bag of yarn didn’t pass the cost test. Several held two or three three-ounce skeins for 99¢! No, that’s 79¢ with discount!! Yes, I know, aMaZiNg!! A little happy dance was definitely required! I got almost three pounds of variegated yarns for $6.00. I think it’s fun to use discontinued yarns; without them I could start to feel like I was seeing and using the same variegateds over and over.

The rest of my Savers yarn haul was nearly five pounds of solid color acrylics for $13.50.

I want to sit and stare at all My New Pretties for a moment. That’s all the time it takes for me to see how I could combine some of them for another charity ripple:

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2 Responses to Why Fight It? or A Thrifty Haul

  1. Beth says:

    How do you get so lucky? BTW, I’m on my DH’s computer these days.

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