Zebra Ripple Decisions and Beginning #47

My zebra yarn has been completely silent since its last blog appearance. I’m glad it has given my mind some quiet time to make logical color choices!

With only ten ounces of “Zebra” to split between two blankets, I realized that I’m going to need about nineteen ounces of other yarns for each ripple. (a child-sized ripple weighs 24 ounces, 24 – 5 oz. zebra = 19 oz. other) Of the three colors I was considering for a zebra ripple’s main color, I have the least of the burgundy; over three pounds of the light raspberry, fourteen ounces of the red yarn, but only four of the burgundy… so sorry, but, bye-bye burgundy! As striking a ripple as it may have made, there just isn’t enough of it for this project.

More importantly, I also realized that if I use single-rows of the variegated zebra yarn, the way I usually use a variegated in a ripple, it will lose all sense of “zebra-ness”! What I mean is, there will be no zebra-like stripes. Instead, there will only be short little dashes of black, grey, and white. So my variegated stripes need to be at least two rows wide, but maybe four or five rows will be necessary to get a zebra-effect. I’ll experiment.

So… I’m going to make a bold red zebra ripple afghan first, using as much of the zebra yarn as is necessary for it to say “zebra!”.

Then I’ll plan a pink zebra ripple around however much zebra yarn is left.

Oh, I think I’ll use this black fun fur in the pink one too! It could be a very “girly” ripple!

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5 Responses to Zebra Ripple Decisions and Beginning #47

  1. Beth says:

    Judging from the colors, I can’t decide which one I will like better.

  2. psmflowerlady/Tammy says:

    Can’t wait to see them both!

    • The Ta-Dah! Post for the red one will be Tues., Oct. 25!
      Crochet, crochet, crochet…

      • linda says:

        psmflowerlady’s reply October 17, 2011 at 1:27 PM:

        “You amaze me.”

        and mine:

        ” I guess I crochet faster and more than most. LOL! I just get such a kick out of doing this!?! I imagine the little kids’ faces when they’re given one of my ripples and it makes me get a big smile too! shrug.

        I see you’re starting a new Jacob’s Ladder; ooooh, lots of interesting textures!! Is that a double strand you’re using? I can’t tell for sure from the pictures. “

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