Thrifty Granny’s Zig-Zag Join

After deciding on the way I wanted to arrange my seventy-seven granny squares, I labeled them, lest a certain clever kitty should “help” by freely re-arranging them! Then I started putting them together using the zig-zag join that I discussed earlier. I did a little experimenting before deciding to make my slip-stitch attachments in the spaces between the granny clusters and to use three chain stitches.

My DH is lightly pulling on the squares so you can easily see the zig-zags:

These seams run across the width of the blanket. If I pay careful attention to how I begin the zig-zags that go down its length, I should end up with neat little chain-stitch X’s at each intersection!

Like many new techniques, the zig-zag join was very awkward and slow-going at the outset. Hopefully, by the time I’ve finished this blanket it will be another fast and easy technique in my crochet repertoire! I’m one-quarter of the way through now, having made five of the blanket’s ten width-wise joins. My thrift store find is turning into a very happy-looking afghan!

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2 Responses to Thrifty Granny’s Zig-Zag Join

  1. It’s just right! I like the way you’ve distributed the squares! Can’t wait to see it when finished

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