It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

It might be Halloween, but it’s beginning to look alot like Christmas around here. This is the yarn I unraveled from last week’s BIG Heavy Blanket. I included the skein of yarn in this photo to give you some perspective. It’s a large pile of yarn!

Maybe seeing it all in boxes will help. It’s hard to think about Seven Pounds of yarn, isn’t it?!

I’m still imagining it made into several candy-cane striped ripples. I was told red and white or green and white blankets are preferred over red, green, and white ones, so the high ratio of white will work out real well.

I was just given these special additions to my more basic candy cane yarn stash.

The green and the white is Caron Christmas Glitter, which has a fine silver thread, and the tan, which Caron calls “Lace”, is Caron Victorian Christmas Gold, with, of course, a fine golden thread. Kids love ripples made with sparkle and glitz!

I went up to the attic to see what other suitable yarns I might have and found these:

I’m excited about all the different candy cane ripples I can make for foster children!

Oh, there was a little more yarn that came along with the glittery stuff. lol!

The RHSS Aran and Cherry Red (upper left) will probably end up in candy canes too.

As always, variegated yarns will make great starts for ripples! There’s one skein of an unknown spring pastel on the far left. The next two might be Red Heart’s Monet or Watercolor and the pile of five skeins is RHSS Aspen Print. I have to put them all away quickly, so they don’t distract me from my candy cane idea! I figure I have about five weeks to make as many of them as I can.

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4 Responses to It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

  1. jruss95 commented in Ravelry at 6:45 AM on November 7, 2011.

    “You are smart and lucky!!”

    I replied:

    “I am amazed every time I come upon one of these treasures – although I think this may be the best yet – the most yarn I’ve ever gotten from a single blanket, and at the best price per pound – over 7 lbs. for $5.00 – that’s not bad!

    My only luck is in getting to the right thrift store at the right time. I usually visit at least one a week. Tapering off lately – the charity yarn stash is getting ahead of me!! Maybe you know how that feels.

    And I am blessed with yarn donations from very generous people!”

    • and jrussp5 answered at 12:14 PM on Nov. 7, 2011:

      “Love seeing your projects and reading your blog. Since I’m not in an area to be a competition to your thrift shop ventures…I may try it myself sometime. 🙂 A goodwill store is actually very near my house.”

      and then I came back with:

      “Thank you.

      Yes, I think Georgia is far enough away from Connecticut that I needn’t fear your competition, lol! 😀

      Give it a try when you have the extra time and patience to look thoroughly. You never know… “

  2. how do i order this? i would like 3 skeins of the victorian christmas gold yarn in lace color.. i need these as soon as possible… thank you

    • Sorry, Carole. I don’t have anymore of that yarn. It was used up in a charity project long ago; I crocheted several Christmas afghans for children in foster care.

      Do you realize that you are commenting on a blog post that was written in 2011? ?

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