A Big Bag o’ Yarn

Whenever someone at the local thrift calls to say they’ve set aside a bag of yarn for me, I want to get there to pick it up as soon as possible. Having such a big bag stowed under the sales counter can’t be convenient for them and I can’t wait to see what it holds. It weighs over seven pounds!!

This time there are many, many scrap balls and a few skeins.

It’s fun to arrange it all into a color wheel. This gives me a chance to get acquainted with every yarn ball. I’ll separate the acrylics, wools and unknown yarns, and later I’ll do a burn test to try to identify the unknown fibers. I only want acrylics and similar synthetics in my ripple blankets to be sure that they’re machine washable.

Back in the thrift store I had noticed a sign announcing a BOGO Sale (Buy One Bag, Get One Bag Free) and I quickly decided I was up for the challenge of filling two plastic grocery bags for just $4.00! I got twenty-five pieces of children’s clothing in very good condition that I’ll give to a local charity, plus…

two sweaters that weren’t in the best of shape. The light blue chenille one (14 ounces) has a hole in the front, but that’s no problem; I’m going to unravel it for its yarn, which will add lovely texture to some ripple blankets!

The chartreuse one (15 ounces) is a cotton blend. It’s cuffs were in poor shape, so again, I feel no regret in turning it back into yarn. I have no particular plans for it; I just couldn’t pass up such a fun color!

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4 Responses to A Big Bag o’ Yarn

  1. What a delight! I never thought of making a color wheel to sort my yarn. Can’t wait to see what you do with this yarn.

  2. dandylines commented in Ravelry at 10:03 AM Nov. 28, 2011

    “Lucky you! My Warm Up America group gets bags like this or big skeins from people who want to help but don’t knit or crochet. We love it. Our people make great scrap blankets and items from it.”

    I replied: “I’ve always said I will accept any yarn donation. It’s fun to figure out how to use all the different kinds/colors that I’m given! :-)”

  3. Quiltaroo commented in Ravelry at 6:20 AM Nov. 28, 2011:

    “What a score! Fantastic! I know you will make lovely blankets with these, Linda. Do you ever take your finished blankets in to the thrift store, for the ladies there to see? I still love how you recycle the scraps and no-longer-loved stuff into fantastic new blankets, that are such a blessing to those kids.

    Well done!!!! ”

    I replied: “About a year ago I dropped off a page of blanket photos for the manager, who is my “yarn contact”. She never saw them “in-person” until a couple of weeks ago. I happened to go in the store while she was there and I had four finished blankets in my car. 🙂

    Thank You!!”

  4. Carleneruns commented in Ravelry at 3:06 PM December 12, 2011:

    ” WOW! What a wonderful donation. And an awesome start to some pretty charity afghans. ”

    I replied:

    ” Isn’t it wonderful?!? I never know what I’ll find in the next bag, but between donations from the local thrift and the charity group that takes my blankets I’m being well supplied with yarn! Lately it’s been coming in so fast I can’t begin to crochet fast enough to get ahead of it. Oy! Such a problem! 😀

    I assume that the yarn flow will slow as the cold weather settles in and I’ll be able to catch up – at least a little. lol. “

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