Ripple of the Week #53 – Black Cherry Candy Cane

So far we’ve had Cinnamon, Strawberry, and Spearmint. So that makes Black Cherry the fourth ripple in my candy cane series. I think it’s the most elegant one, by far.

11,690 stitches – 639,076 donated so far this year

I used an entire eight ounce skein of Caron Christmas Gold ‘lace’ in this blanket. It’s a solid tan yarn with a fine metallic gold thread. And the variegated yarn, Victorian Christmas Gold ‘mistletoe’, also has gold. So, although it doesn’t have any bright colors, this ripple’s got lots of subtle golden shimmer. Not that you can see much of it in these photos!

If you concentrate, real hard, you can see specks of gold in the forest and burgundy sections of the variegated rows.

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14 Responses to Ripple of the Week #53 – Black Cherry Candy Cane

  1. pattie says:

    Another beautiful ripple! You do such awesome work and I LOVE all the color combos you come up with.

  2. This is a rather elegant afghan. One thing about your “candy cane” series….you can enjoy them without gaining weight!!

  3. Edith says:


  4. The subtle metallics look so magical!

    • I had never used so much of a yarn with metallic in a blanket before. So glad I tried it!
      I still have both white and dark green with silver to play with.

      • I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with them!

      • I plan to use the rest of the metallic yarns in candy cane ripples, but I have more candy cane flavor/color combo ideas than I have time left before Christmas! My planned “Mixed Berries Candy Cane” will just become “Mixed Berries” if I don’t get to it until January. Luckily, removing the words “candy cane” from a blanket’s name doesn’t subtract from it’s attractiveness. lol.

  5. BayouGramma commented in Ravelry at 9:14 PM November 25, 2011:

    “Another beauty!”

  6. Quiltaroo commented in Ravelry at 5:19 AM November 24, 2011:

    “Wow, absolutely gorgeous! Very nicely done!”

  7. jruss95 commented in Ravelry at 4:07 PM November 23, 2011:

    “absolutely beautiful…in my favorite color combination.”

    And I replied: “I’m very fond of burgundy myself. It’s in my kitchen, dining, and livingroom. 😀 “

  8. RBUTKA62 commented in Ravelry at 5:28 AM November 26, 2011
    ” Very nice!
    Would not have expected any less (Very,very Beautiful!). ”

    And I replied: “Thank You!!
    You’re so Very Nice! – I do think this one is kind of special. 🙂 “

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