A Wintergreen Candy Cane Ripple – in Progress

Sometimes I want to start crocheting a new ripple with only a few minutes spent planning. The fewer yarns involved, the easier it is to figure out a striping design, so I chose just three to represent the wintergreen flavor, a light green, dark green (RHSS Paddy Green) and white. Then I weighed the pile of yarn to make sure I had at least twenty-four ounces, which I know is enough for a child-sized ripple of about 35″ x 54″.

The mint is what’s left from Ripple #30, “Cool Lime-Mint”. Nine ounces of it is enough to make about thirty rows. (9 oz. x 3.33 rows/oz.) After a little math, I decided I’ll use just twenty-seven rows of it. (3 rows x 9 repeats)

It’s going to be a nine-row striping sequence: four dark green, one white, three mint, one white. Repeating that nine times gives me eighty-one rows (9 rows x 9 sets = 81)  and ending with four more rows of dark green, to make the two ends of the afghan match, brings me to eighty-five rows. (81 + 4 = 85) Ta-da! That’s just right for a kid’s ripple.

Time to grab my crochet hook and get down to work. Whoo-hoo! Let’s see how “wintergreen” is going to look:

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2 Responses to A Wintergreen Candy Cane Ripple – in Progress

  1. Edith says:

    My favourite colours! It already looks gorgeous, I’m sure it’s going to be very pretty 🙂

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