Shop with a List or Look for Treasures?

Once in a while I go to Sal’s (That’s what I call the Salvation Army thrift store.) to look for something particular. This time it was black pants and blue jeans. I hoped to find some that were just my size, and, more importantly, just my length. I’m petite and having to shorten a pair of pants sure takes all the fun out of buying them! I had no luck with jeans, but I found these dressy black Talbots petite pants, marked $4.99:



Since everything in the store, except yellow-tagged items, was half-off, they were only  $2.50, which was even better! However, as satisfying as finding a pair of black pants may be, even great-fitting $2.50 ones are not very exciting.

Far more thrilling are the treasures I just happen upon, whether for me or someone else. I could not have imagined that pants like these were waiting for me in any store, let alone at Sal’s!

My Wild Woman pants, no, really!, that’s what their tag says, “Wild Woman – Wild Thing of Chico, CA.”, were $3.00, on sale for $1.50. How CrAzY is that?!?

The most similar items I found on-line were Wild Woman tops made of batik fabrics at Tattersalls for $60 and these solid-colored rayon pants, which were regularly $52, so I guess I did okay. (wink, wink)

The top I found to go with them isn’t anything special, but I knew I didn’t have anything in my closet that would match them so well. I was happy to get it for $3.00. (yellow tag)

To me, the day’s most surprising treasure was my hand-knit wool socks! I have never seen hand-knit socks in a thrift store before, let alone two pairs of new ones!! (each pair was tied at the cuffs with a piece of matching sock yarn)

On the downside, I did had to pay full price for them…  99¢ a pair. ROFL! Can you believe it? If you’ve priced sock yarn lately, you know how ridiculous this price is, without even considering the hours it took for someone to knit them.

BTW, they both fit me fine!

What? Don’t you usually try on socks with other socks still attached to them?

I’m not crazy about the colors in this pair…

so I’m going to over dye them. I once read that over dying any color with hot pink will turn out well. I tried to imagine how these might look after a pink dye bath. Once my DH performed some computer wizardry, I had a much clearer idea. Cool, eh? Whaddaya think?

I’ve noticed something else interesting about my new socks; they’re knitted looser, at a gauge of six or seven stitches per inch, compared to the eight or nine on socks I’ve knitted. Do you think they’ll wear out more quickly? Will they feel less cushy to my tender soles? Less warm? I can answer at least the last two questions by wearing one of these socks and one of mine on a very cold day. I’ll let you know my conclusions.

My last treasure of the day was for new foster children who will receive my crocheted ripple afghans. I got twenty-two Beanie Babies, in lovely condition, on sale for only 25¢ each! It’s extra nice when I can put a stuffed animal with each of my blankets that go to DCF.

Before long they’ll be on their way to twenty-two new homes.

The holiday shopping season is almost over for another year. What is your preferred way to shop, with a specific list or looking for unknown treasures?

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