Charcoal Fingerless Mitts – a Knitting Journal

Day One – Friday, Dec. 16th:

I’m knitting a pair of 2×2 rib fingerless mitts for DH using two strands of this unraveled charcoal wool, which creates about a worsted weight yarn, in a rather crinkled condition.

I started knitting a gauge swatch, but then I thought that since the number of stitches in a swatch was so close to the mere 32 stitches that I probably needed for a mitt, I might as well start on a mitt! Having learned from experience that mitts made from crinkled yarn expand considerably after wear, I had figured for negative ease of about 20%. I cast-on a second time using a #8 needle, then joined in the round and began knitting a 2×2 rib tube on #6 dpns.

Distracted myself by adding DH’s old striped brown beanie, tan scarf and brown tweed mitts to my Ravelry projects. While adding notes to the old brown tweed mitts’ page, I realized that their finished six-inch length was two inches shorter than what the mitt diagram in my knitting notebook said. What? Decided I’d knit only the plain tube section of the mitt. Best to check with DH’s hands before starting the thumb slit.

He tried the mitt on one hand, with it still on the dpns, and compared its fit to that of an old brown mitt on his other hand. With the new mitt’s longer cuff there will be little to no gap between mitt and coat sleeve whenever he reaches and it’s more snug fit will let it easily slide back inside the coat sleeve when he lowers his arm. Good and good. He approves. Phew. Ripping back and getting the dark crinkly stitches back on the needles would’ve been no fun!

Made a 1 1/2″ vertical thumb slit by working back and forth, instead of in-the-round, then re-joined and went back to knitting in-the-round.

Noticed a fine loop of yarn sticking out a couple of rounds back. I must have split the yarn. Arrgh. I wanted to just tuck the little thing inside the mitt with a crochet hook’s help, but knew that wouldn’t be a permanent fix.

Keeping the mitt on the needles, I ticked (unknitted) each stitch until I was directly above the stitch where the disturbing loop was, then unknitted single stitches in a column down to the row with the offensive loop. Ended up having to undo a stitch on each side of the loop too. Struggling, nattering both to myself and at my knitting, putting glasses on and off, trying to decipher exactly what happened and how to correct it, I found the seemingly simple task was becoming exasperating both because I was working with dark-colored crinkled yarn, which made it hard to see the individual stitches, and because in 2×2 rib some stitches are K, while others are P. Eventually, (so very glad I didn’t time myself!) I triumphed! It. Was. Fixed!

Finished the mitt and cast off with a #8 needle. I quickly tried it on, only to find the thumb hole fit my small hand quite nicely; considered that this was probably not a good sign.

Gave mitt to DH and found I was right; it fit him Very Tightly around the thumb.

The BO edge was uncomfortably tight too. I obviously needed to redo this mitt from the top of the thumb slit up. Made a note to switch to a more elastic type of BO next time.

Double-checked the original mitt sketch in my notebook. Yes, the vertical slit was clearly labelled 1 1/2″, which is what I had done. But, there were also tiny numbers written further to the right, scribbled through and rewritten as 1 3/4″. Can’t help wondering why I hadn’t changed the dimensions on the drawing itself! sigh.

Couldn’t face ripping back through the corrected loop fiasco right then.

Day Two – Sat., Dec. 17th:

Did anything but look at the one goofy-looking tight-fitting mitt.

Day Three – Sun., Dec. 18th:

Ripped back to the mitt’s thumb slit and successfully got stitches back on needles, while being careful that each stitch was correctly mounted on needle. Knitted until slit was two inches tall. Rejoined to knit-in-the-round.

Whoo-hoo! I just had to unwind more yarn from the balls. That means I’m now beyond the point where I had stopped. I am making knitting progress!

After knitting 1 1/4″ of 2×2 rib beyond the thumb slit, I used “An Elastic Bind-Off”: Work two stitches in pattern. *Transfer both stitches to the left needle and K2tog TBL. Work one stitch in pattern and repeat from *. I did it with the same size needle, #6, as I used to knit the mitt.

DH tried the mitt on and declared, “I’m altogether happy with it.” It extends a little further beyond his knuckles now.

Quick, quick, I must cast on the second mitt, before I can lose my knitting mojo! Let’s hope this one goes faster and more smoothly!

It Did! and by day’s end DH had one pair of custom-fitted charcoal fingerless mitts. Taa-Daa!!

BTW – Happy Winter Solstice/First Day of Winter!

Next – Light Brown, Mocha, Milk Chocolate? Wool/Alpaca Mitts

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4 Responses to Charcoal Fingerless Mitts – a Knitting Journal

  1. gemiwing says:

    So glad they worked out! I laughed at Day Two- in my head I added ‘food running low, morale unspeakably bad. praying for rescue party to find us’.

    I think the thumbs look perfect- plenty of room for the thumb pad too.

  2. Kathy says:

    I don’t know what your dh does for a living… But god forgive if he ever lost that job … A wonderful Hand Model he would make!!!! … Lol… Great fingerless mitts!… Kathy

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