What, Another Granny?

Last Thursday I showed you the beginning of my newest granny, the third I have in-the-works. I had no intentions of starting another one anytime soon, but look at what someone started for me! This was in a bag of yarn I was given for my ripple charity project

sixty blue and black granny squares stuffed in a bright pink tote!

Some squares are slightly smaller than others, but I can add another black round, using whichever stitch works, single, half-double, or double crochet, to bring each of them up to a five-and-a-half inch square. Put together in a six by ten arrangement, they’ll make a 33″ x 55″ blanket. With a border, it’ll be just the right size!

I’m tempted to crochet yet another round, probably while joining-as-I-go, because I think adding a contrasting color lattice, maybe light grey?, would turn it into a much prettier blanket. This idea depends on what’s in my charity yarn stash. I hope I find a color that coordinates well.

The stench of burning hair that accosted me when I did a flame test on this beautiful carmine yarn told me it’s 100% wool. These are about the size of tennis balls, but are incredibly heavy, because they are wound incredibly tight, to remove the crinkles in the unraveled yarn, I’m sure.

With one pound and ten ounces of it, I could make one large item or a few warm hats and mittens!

New yarn with pristine labels is something I rarely see among donations! These six five-ounce skeins of Bernat Softee Baby, a dk weight acrylic yarn, will easily mix with other pastel yarns from stash to become yummy cotton-candy-colored ripples.

There were some novelty yarns too! Since Plymouth Yarn’s Orient Express has both wool and mohair, so I’ll save it to accent wool hats or scarves.

But I can use both the Bernat Boa and the Plymouth Yarn Athena to add fun textures to some foster kids’ ripples!

I feel so fortunate every time someone contributes to my charity yarn stash! Thanks to generous people, I now have several more interesting yarns, and a granny, to play with and then give away.

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4 Responses to What, Another Granny?

  1. Judy Russell says:

    Lucky, lucky, you!!! Have fun.

  2. jruss95 commented in Ravelry at 11:43 AM December 23, 2011

    Absolutely love the colors…you are very lucky!

    And I replied:

    “Absolutely love the colors” – think I should use as is, without adding another color?
    Wish I could meet the unknown person who started this granny. I bet we’d have a pleasant crochet chat!
    Yes, I am blessed with generous friends. 🙂

    And jruss95 answered at 1:37 PM December 23, 2011

    well…the (just) blue and black combo happens to be one of my favorites for clothes, but I’m wondering about your teenage recipients. Maybe another shade of blue for the borders?

    To which I said:

    I wear a lot of blue and black outfits too, more red and black in winter.
    You can never go wrong with multiple shades of blue, for any age – in my opinion.
    After scanning the stash for likely yarn candidates, I’m going to put the bag of squares away for now. There are already enough “irons in the fire”, as my mom would say. 🙂

  3. dandylines commented in Ravelry at 2:29 PM December 23, 2011

    I too love the colors as is Linda. Very rich look, but it depends on who you are doing to for and what it will look like. If you are doing it for charity and have enough yarn, just do the two colors.

    And I replied:

    It’ll be another for the kids.
    Since it is big enough already, maybe I’ll just do an outer border on the whole blanket. It’ll probably be another shade of blue. How cool if I have a blue yarn that matches?!?
    I think I’ll set this one aside for awhile.

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