Christmas in Grannies – an Update

I’m enjoying the process of making this granny, one little square at a time. Watching the tiny scrap balls of yarn disappear is fun!

Seeing the cheery blanket emerge is even better!

You might want to savor this next shot for a moment,   (pause to savor)    because in reality…

it’s not a very big blanket yet, only 28″ x 32″. Each square measures a little over two inches across.

I think it’s fun to retrace the path our minds take to arrive at a particular destination, like the Christmas in Grannies design. It started when I ran across this gallery of Granny’s Daughters blankets quite a while ago. (more ideas here.) While I crocheted #57 Peppermint, a scrappy ripple, I realized I was still going to have alot of Christmas yarn left after I finished it and that the yarn would be in little scrap balls. I recalled all those blankets I had seen.

As I considered making a Granny’s Daughter blanket from all those tiny balls of yarn, two things dawned on me; Granny’s Daughters (sometimes called yo-yos – the four “petal” center of a Granny) are very little motifs! and I would need a Large amount of a single color of yarn for the background in a blanket like those shown in the gallery.

First the thought of making two-round granny squares popped into my head. They’re still small enough to use up my tiny scrap balls, but large enough that I could actually imagine making a whole blanket out of them.

Then this idea quickly followed – alternating white/red and green/white squares eliminates the need for any background color!

And so Christmas in Grannies was born.

P.S. – A Big Thank You to Kathy for the gift of a very appropriate name, Christmas in Grannies!

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3 Responses to Christmas in Grannies – an Update

  1. Edith says:

    Oh no! Are those ends I see peeking out??? If you don’t start weaving those ends in soon, you’re going to hate yourself when you get to the end…ask me how I know, lol 😀

  2. WhiteMoonShadow commented in Ravelry at 6:52 PM January 1, 2012

    What a terrific use of the tiniest bits of yarn! And, a beautiful Afghan too!

    and I replied:

    It would be fun to make one using all colors too! Just alternating lights and darks might be enough to keep it from becoming a chaotic mess of competing colors. I’d like to see if it would work.

    Thank you. 🙂

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