2012 Ripple of the Week #1 – Bubble Gum Candy Cane

It was lovely to play with soothing pinks for a change…

11,826 stitches – 755,568 donated since Jan. 2011

laid out in an easy-to-remember pattern of one, two and three row stripes.

It’s good that I planned such a simple blanket, because my mind has been occupied elsewhere lately. I’ll tell you about my newest time-consuming project on Thursday.

P.S. Here’s what’s happened so far with my weekly nursing home visits – I called on Friday afternoon and explained my intentions. The woman in the Recreation Department  thought my idea to visit someone on a weekly basis sounded great, but it had been a very busy day for her and she was experiencing a “brain freeze” (her words) at that moment. She took my phone number and said she would call me back. I’m hoping she will suggest a resident most likely to enjoy/benefit from my visits.

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6 Responses to 2012 Ripple of the Week #1 – Bubble Gum Candy Cane

  1. Kathy says:

    It’s so pretty & soft looking! I’m sure some lil’ girl will just love to have this! I just vision a young girl….wrapped in this serene blanket and having a baby doll or Barbie next to her. Just beautiful Linda! Hope everything works with you visiting and putting a smile into a lonely heart….Kathy

    • Thank you for the lovely word picture, Kathy. I don’t have any dolls to put with the Bubble Gum ripple, but I just washed a bunch of teddy bears… I bet I have enough pink ribbon to put a big bow on at least one of them! 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    Ohhhh, I LoVe it!! I love pink and white. And you may have to make a follow-up phone call to the woman with the ‘brain-freeze.’

  3. dandylines commented in Ravelry at 9:29 PM January 3, 2012

    It does look like bubble gum Linda.
    ps – I have started my first one – calling it Twilight.

    I replied:

    I see on your project page that you’re 25% done with Twilight already – it’s a fast pattern, isn’t it?!?

  4. jruss95 commented in Ravelry at 5:28 AM January 4, 2012

    Congrats on #1 of 2012!

    And I replied:

    Here I go again! — #1 to #? this year. 😀

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