Making Time and Space for More Fiber Crafts

My last candy cane ripple, Mixed Berries, will début Tuesday. For the next few weeks I’ll show you some little ripples that I discovered while I hunted for the first ripple I ever made. Showing you these ripples from my blanket stash, instead of crocheting one every week, is going to give me more time to do other crafts. It will also, more importantly, give me time to make a big change in our house.

For several years I’ve dreamed of having a room that can hold all my fiber crafts, a room where sewing, quilting, crocheting, rug hooking and both hand and machine knitting projects can live happily together. After going from room to room with a yard stick and sketching on graph paper, I concluded that our living room would be my best choice. Happily, DH is more than willing to go along with this idea, just as long as he has a computer desk, a bookcase and his favorite chair, somewhere. Those will all fit into our little “back room”, long used for storage, which, once stripped of its 70’s paneling and acoustic ceiling tiles…

will become a cozy library/office. There’s enough space for a comfortable chair for me, too.

I’ll be giving up some of the living room’s space, so it can become an entry way of sorts, a spot to hang a couple of coats and leave your umbrella or a stack of library books. This is something I’ve always wanted for our little house!

I’ve arranged and rearranged pieces of furniture on paper, trying to find the best place in the house for each. I would like to re-introduce an antique cherry chest of drawers that’s been in our attic for years. (BTW, my charity yarn stash and quilt fabrics are staying up there.) It would be perfect for hiding misc. craft stuff, but it would also work well for storing linens. Our house has no linen closet and I’m tired of keeping them in the attic. There’s a small parson’s bench (like this one) that DH built over twenty years ago. We banished it to the garage when we got a bigger dining room table. I think it would look very good in our new “entry way”. Maybe I can find a place for our old pie-safe, which looks a bit like this. It’s out in the garage, too. Hopefully, the used “cherry” bookcases, (They’re chipboard with veneer.) which we bought cheap! when a book store closed, will be able to hold most of my natural fiber stash.

I’ve already stuffed these two with treasures. Sorting everything can wait until after I’ve painted the room.

I’m finally going to deal with this reminder of where a very heavy upright piano once stood. As you can see, I just painted around it the last time! The electronic piano on the left, which replaced it, is much easier to move.

I have a long ‘to-do list’ to work my way through, but I’ll soon be crocheting a ripple a week once again. In the meantime, I’m going to have fun sharing photos of both my little ripples and my new creative space with you.

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4 Responses to Making Time and Space for More Fiber Crafts

  1. janem123 says:

    How wonderful for you, Linda! When we added a new master bedroom and bathroom onto our house several years ago, the former master bedroom became my knitting/crocheting/sewing/reading hideaway. I treasure my own little space and I’m sure you will treasure yours, too.

    • Yes! Jane, I’m already treasuring the simple idea of my own lovely little space. 🙂
      Since it’s at the front of the house, it won’t be a hideaway, but I think that will be a good thing for me. Without a door to close on it, I can never let it fall into a permanent state of clutter. I will, however, give myself permission for temporary states of creative chaos! What’s the difference, you ask? There’s a subtle distinction, I suppose, a very subtle one. haha

  2. gemiwing says:

    Yay! *waves crafty pom poms*
    Go Team Ripples!

    It’s going to look perfect and be such a boon to your work! Very excited for you!

    • Thanks so much for the redecorating cheer. I shall imagine you, with crafty pom poms, standing on the side-line whenever the going gets tough. Wish you’d been there last night when I got off the step-ladder for the billionth time. Okay, I admit, that’s an exaggeration… the millionth time.

      Yay!! Wall painting is done… in my room. 😀

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