It’s Starting to Come Together

I bought this hanging shelf at a tag sale a year and a half ago, for about eight dollars. I just knew it would look great on the wall above DH’s computer desk!

Then my recent furniture maneuvering in the back room/library (on graph paper) put his desk under a double window, freeing the shelf for use in my new craft room. Yay! I thought it was going over one end of my work table, until it dawned on me that coats could hang on those pegs! Suddenly I imagined it as part of our new entry way, hanging above our old parson’s bench, which we brought in from the garage.

The bench was originally stained this walnut color, (showing bench’s back)

but I knew I could mix paint that would match the green/blue spruce shelf. I’ve used acrylic craft paints for this type of project before. With a little patience and Emily’s help, I can usually match the color of just about anything and it costs much less than buying a  can of custom-mixed paint.

I like using these little foam brushes to get smooth even coverage. They’re very inexpensive, (A.C.Moore sometimes sells a bag of fifteen for as little as a dollar!) so I don’t mind that they’re not long-lived.

I add a little water as I stir the colors together, which also makes it easier to get a smooth coat. I’d rather put on two thin coats and not try to cover completely with one thick coat. I always mix far more paint than I think I’ll need, because it’s very hard to get the same color twice.

If you should realize you’re going to run out before you finish painting your project, figure out the best place to change paint batches. For example, if you paint the inside with your first paint mixture and the outside with your second, chances are no one will ever notice.

My first try was far too bright and my next was still too green, but eventually I made a  close match. Obviously, the bench’s paint has a flat finish, compared to what’s on the shelf.

In a couple of days I’ll rub on a coat of butcher’s wax, which will give the bench a soft sheen and a much more durable finish. You can probably find this paste wax at your local hardware store. A small can of it will last through many, many projects. It’s also good for butcher’s blocks, (hence the name) wooden salad bowls, knife handles, etc.

I think this shade of green will look very good with my cherry bookcases, (drawer is from a cherry end table) and both colors look great with this upholstery fabric. I got a decent-sized piece of it at Sal’s last summer for just seven dollars.

It matches DH’s wing-back chair. (that’s its seat cushion on the left end) It will be in my room until the backroom has turned into a library.

I enjoy his big chair much more when my feet don’t dangle, so I’m going to re-cover this little foot stool to match.

Honestly, I probably should re-cover the stool with a green sheet, because the chair usually looks something like this…

Why? Because of that marauding little beast seen down on the left.

This vanity bench/sewing seat, another tag sale find, begs for re-covering as well.

Notice that all three pieces are “cherry” with Queen Anne style legs. How cool is that?!?

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2 Responses to It’s Starting to Come Together

  1. Beth says:

    Is that yarn I see behind the chair? Wow! And I love the work you’ve done. Lovely!

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