A Belated Blogiversary

My first blog post was on December 23, 2010. I’ve blogged for over a year! It hardly seems possible that I’ve done this for so long. Yet, there are times when this feels like such an old habit, I can imagine that I’ve blogged for much longer than a mere year. What a paradox.

When I decided what my blog would be about, as my subtitle says “My thrifty adventures with yarn, fabric, and thread”, I wondered how I would think of enough interesting things to say. I’m not sure about the interesting part, but seeing that I wrote over two hundred posts during my first year, I apparently found plenty to talk about! A lot of what I said was about ripples; I wrote eighty-six posts about ripples alone! ! No wonder someone called me “the Queen of Ripples”! Thankfully, for both of us, I eventually figured out that writing both an in-progress post and a finished post for every ripple I crocheted was a little too much rippling for anyone.

I also found alot to say about yarn, twenty-seven posts, about granny afghans, twenty-one posts, and knitting, eighteen. The twenty-eight miscellaneous posts were mostly about non-fiber finds at thrift stores. I covered another non-fiber topic, recycling crayons, in five posts. 2010 was an unusual weather year, so I wrote eight posts about the three record snowfalls and Hurricane Irene’s visit to New England.

Several times I’ve said that if it wasn’t for you, all my dear readers, this blog would be just a craft journal. But, having just whisked through a year’s worth of my blog, I have to admit, thinking of a blog as a craft journal isn’t such a bad thing. It was fun to quickly relive all the year’s projects and it’s great to know I have a record of every item I made.

I donated sixty-one ripples by December 20th, a few days before my blog’s anniversary. I seriously doubt I would have made so many without your encouragement. I know I would have gotten lazy and repeated some of my simplest striping patterns if I hadn’t had an eager audience waiting for my next ta-dah!, an audience so willing to Ooooooh and Aaaaah, at least a little, over every ripple. Thank you for being here!! I’m incredibly happy that you choose to come back again and again! Thank you for every comment you wrote. They are always smile-inducing! 😀

Having the chance to talk and laugh with you is like a virtual stitch n’ chat!

During year two, I hope to expand my post repertoire beyond ripples, grannies and yarn. I imagine I may even write an occasional post about fabric and/or thread! Pretty exciting, eh? Hopefully you’ll find year two of alottastitches to be at least as interesting to read as year one.

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6 Responses to A Belated Blogiversary

  1. Northern Narratives says:

    Congratulations !!! I can’t wait to see what year two brings but I hope the ripples don’t go away. I love looking at them and I also enjoy the names you give to them 🙂 Judy

    • Thanks, Judy!!!
      Crocheting ripples has become a habit, a good one that I don’t intend to break. And thinking up their names is such silly fun, a fringe benefit. I hope to keep making charity ripples for a loooong time to come!

  2. Bobbi says:

    Happy Anniversary or is that “blogaversary”? It’s not just the color combo but the name that goes with your blankets. Very creative and enjoyable to read!

  3. Kathy says:

    Happy Anniversary Miss Alottastitches!!! I have enjoyed your blog very much!! I’ve been a blog reader for quite awhile, but you were the first one I have ever posted to! Just something about your blog made me want to tell you how I have enjoyed your stories and your finished blanket of the week! I’m even honored to have helped with names for two afghans. Thank you!! You are very kindhearted & dedicated to help put a warm smile of comfort in a child’s heart. Your blog also is one of truth, care & friendship. I’m looking forward to year two!! Congrats Linda!!….Kathy

    (P.S…..looking forward to see what you’ll have your “model” model for you in year two…lol.!!)….

    • Oh my, thank you so much for the lovely message Kathy!

      I am so happy that you find my blog fun to visit, even though, as this post showed, I do tend to talk about the same subjects over and over… lol!!
      I love to share what I create both with my blog readers and with the foster kids. I’m glad I found a local charity that I can support in so many ways!

      As you know, DH’s knitty wish-list is loooong, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing him model again, but I think I’ll make myself a pair of fingerless mitts next. I like to knit them of sock yarn and, having just fluffed the stash, I know I have lots to choose from! 🙂

      Your visits are always like broad sunbeams, spreading light and cheer!!

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