A Bevy of Blankets

I gathered an incredible number of great blankets from just two recent trips to Savers!

This pretty 27″ x 40″ baby blanket was in such great condition, I was able to immediately deliver it to the collection box over at the library. What a find for only $1.60!

It has a familiar-looking crochet stitch pattern, but I don’t know its name. Do you?

Here’s a larger knitted one, 48″ x 52″, that’s also already on its way to a foster child.

As beautiful as it is, I only paid $4.00! I think the texture of its back is at least as pretty as that of its front.

This single-crochet ripple, 32″ x 44″, needs to hang around for a while…

…to see whether I can get these two spots to come out. It will either be donated or turned into yarn, depending on my results.

I won’t feel bad, no matter which way it goes. Paying $2.40 for either a blanket or for one and a half pounds of yarn is great!

This rainbow blanket is so much longer than the blankets I crochet for charity, 72″ compared to my usual 54″, that at first I thought I’d unravel a little of its fun variegated yarn and then put a solid-colored border on the rest.

But, that was before I noticed the knots it had all over its back, with short yarn ends sticking up, too short to be woven in. I will unravel it for the yarn, lots of rainbow yarn, about two and a half pounds of it!

I probably paid more for it than I should have, $6.40, but variegated yarns always cost more, right?

This bright pink blanket has the same problem as the rainbow one – lots and lots of knots with short yarn ends. After unraveling, I’ll have about two pounds of yarn for just $2.00. I think it’s Red Heart Super Saver Pretty ‘n Pink.

It’s good that I can always use more pink yarn, because I plan to unravel this five-tone lacy blanket as well. It weighs over two pounds and was $4.00.

And, finally, I got this peach shawl, 23″ x 72″, for $2.40. I’ll unravel its one and a half pounds too.

If you’ve been keeping track, you already know that I got two blankets to donate plus enough yarn for six more ripples for about $23.00. Hopefully there’s alot of good t.v. and movie viewing in our near future, so we can get all the unraveling out-of-the-way quickly.

Oh, but I’m not quite done showing you my newest thrifty finds. I also got this pattern book from 1981, “The Great Afghan Book”, by the American School of Needlework, primarily because I love the filet crochet blanket, Spring Flower, on its front cover. There are four finished Spring Flower blankets here, in Ravelry.

Maybe, some day, mine will join them! I enjoy imagining how this might look as a multi-colored blanket. Perhaps that flower is meant to be a black-eyed susan?

There are twenty-two other afghan patterns in the book, some knitted and some crocheted. You can see examples of six of them here, in Ravelry.

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4 Responses to A Bevy of Blankets

  1. Beth says:

    You had a field day at Savers! This will really start the creative juices to flow! Have fun dreaming up new things.

  2. Margo says:

    What an incredible find. Congratulations on this feast.
    We do not have a Savers in the area (Michigan), but we do have a lot of Salvation Army stores.
    I will have to take a peak and see what I can find.
    Good job on all of these and the new ripples.

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