Yesterday I dropped my camera on the driveway!

It looks fine…

but it’s dead.

It’s not only merely dead, it’s really most sincerely dead.

quiet weeping.

Wasn’t expecting to have to get a new camera anytime soon. So Not in the mood.

Happy to know I have some photos already downloaded to my computer, enough to last us for awhile.

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2 Responses to Oops.

  1. Have you tried maybe taking it to a camera repair shop? Maybe theres something they can do. Although point and shoot cameras are so affordable now I guess it really depends on how much repairs cost versus getting a new one.

    • It’s a little digital Polaroid and like you say, the cost of repair would probably be as much as getting a new one – especially if I come across a great sale! Thanks for sharing the repair idea all the same.

      DH just gave me his old HP 5.0 megapixel. It’s been forgotten in the bottom of his computer bag since he got an iphone for work. I was happy to find its manual on-line and spent a little time getting familiar with it tonight. The thing shuts down after only one minute of idleness, which is a pain, but I’ve got batteries charging and tomorrow I’ll run tests to see what kind of results I can get with it.
      Hopefully they’ll be good enough that I can get by for a while.

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