2012 Ripple #6 – French Country Six

As promised, I used lots of Light Celery in this ripple, and yet there’s plenty remaining for another. With careful planning, I’ll finish both the Light Celery and the last couple ounces of French Country variegated in the seventh and last French Country ripple. I am finally near the end of nine skeins of it! As much fun as doing this series has been, I’d prefer not to crochet with either French Country or Light Celery for a loooooong time.

You might notice that number six’s stripes form a simple mirrored design. It was easy to do, just crochet to the blanket’s center row and then repeat the stripes’ colors in reverse order.

11,554 stitches – 809,661 donated since Jan. 2011

DH finds it interesting how both the blue and green stripes merge with their corresponding sections of color within the variegated yarn. The green, being darker and a very close match in color, seems to do this more than the blue. He says the resulting shapes remind him of how a sprocket engages the links in a bicycle chain.

I see that the little spots of rose are trying very hard to grab our attention, with the way they dance between the cool of the blue and the green!


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2 Responses to 2012 Ripple #6 – French Country Six

  1. Lora says:

    Oh, this one is so different than the other 5 in the series! Beautiful! I wonder what series you will start next? Can’t wait to see!

    • Ack! I forgot all about showing the six French Country ripples together! Oh well, I’ll show all seven of them next time.

      Thank You! I don’t have any plans for a series per se, but the scrap ball box is very full!

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