My “New” Cameras

Jen, one of my dear readers, is so kind and generous, she offered me not just one, but two cameras! She emailed this picture of them to me:

Although she assured me that she won’t miss them at all, because she has a new SLR, I was still quick to accept, lest Jen would change her mind! lol.

The cameras took a few days to get here, giving me ample time to read the cameras’ manuals on-line. Since it takes AA batteries, just like my old one, I decided I’ll concentrate on learning about the Polaroid i835 first. It’s an eight megapixel camera, while the one I dropped, a Polaroid i634, was a six. I hope to take advantage of at least a few of its many bells and whistles, like being able to take black and white, sepia and panoramic photos. Such Fun!

In just a few days the cameras arrived… with yarn packed around them! You all know how much I love planning a ripple afghan around a multicolored yarn and this one is especially pretty!

Thank you so very much, Jen, for the cameras and for the surprise yarn. You not only saved me some money, but all the time and anguish of comparing camera features and prices. I’m sure I’ll enjoy my “new” ones for a long time to come, assuming that I don’t drop them!

P.S. I’m very happy that the camera sock I knitted stretches enough to fit “Big Blue”, the i835.

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3 Responses to My “New” Cameras

  1. That’s so special! And the yarn is pretty too.

  2. gemiwing says:

    Yay! They work for you and you liked the yarn! 😀 I’m so glad they have such a great home- and look how snazzy Big Blue looks! Much better than the old drawer I had him hid in!

    I’m glad I could help!

    • Big Blue, Little Buddy and their cables all fit into a little ceramic crock right on my craft table. They seem pretty happy, although Little Buddy is jealous about the sock thing. So I suppose I’ll have to do something about that!

      Thank You again!!

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