A Little Ripple of the Week #7 – Glowing Embers

Glowing Embers is unusual for several reasons. The only one that’s noticeable in my photos is that it has seven ripples, or zig-zags, instead of the usual six.

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It’s small. A little ripple may not seem unusual since this is the third one in a row, but this one is extra narrow, just twenty-nine inches, even after adding a seventh ripple. It’s forty-five inches long.

I crocheted it with a size F hook. This is a guess I’m making, judging by its size and the number of stitches in each row. I know I used a smaller hook than my usual H, because the yarn is finer than the acrylics I normally use. I imagine this me took a looong time to crochet!

It’s cotton. I used yarns I harvested from four thrift store sweaters: black, red, a black and red marled, which looks like solid burgundy in the large photo, and a space-dyed grey on white. You can see the marled and space-dyed yarns more clearly in this close-up.

I don’t remember what the grey and white sweater looked like.  Since I made this one before I joined Ravelry, which is where I learned to take before and after photos of each sweater I unravel, I have no photo reminder.

It’s heavy! When I compared the weight per square foot of this cotton ripple to that of my acrylic ripples, I learned that it’s twenty-four percent denser than they are.

I found a small box in the attic filled with more fine cotton yarns I unraveled from sweaters. Considering how many extra crochet stitches this little blanket has, I’m going to think of a better project for it. Maybe if I used it doubled it would make a sturdy crocheted rug!

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4 Responses to A Little Ripple of the Week #7 – Glowing Embers

  1. Margo says:

    It looks warm and it is. Great colors

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