Christmas in Grannies – Progress

Can you believe it’s been an entire month since we last looked at this afghan together?! I admit, I’ve been crocheting erratically on it, but I still managed to add almost one hundred squares. It’s now about 32″ x 35″. If I keep up this rate, I’ll have at least the “body” of Christmas in Grannies finished in just two more months! haha

I’ve learned that two-round granny squares are sometimes called saltines. Perhaps I should change my afghan’s name to Christmas in Saltines! hoho

Shell shares how to crochet a saltine here in her blog, The Little Orphan Skein. My saltines look a little different from hers, because I begin with four chain stitches, instead of six, and once I’ve finished the first round I pull on the beginning yarn tail. That cinches up the center, leaving little if any hole.

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One Response to Christmas in Grannies – Progress

  1. Edith says:

    Slow but steady wins the race, lol!

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