Daisies in the Meadow – Nearly Finished!

Another from my stash of small afghans, I made Daisies in the Meadow about thirty-three inches wide and fifty-five inches long.

I remember that I found the green yarn, which came on a big cone, at a tag sale. It has a lovely soft sheen, similar to Simply Soft. The fuzzy white is probably Dazzleaire.

Such an easy design needed an easy border, so I added four rounds: one double-crochet round of green, a half-double round of white, then one double and one single of green.

I slip-stitched the eighty-four granny squares together, just like Lucy demonstrates in this tutorial in her blog, Attic24. It made a raised grid on the afghan’s back.

What was I thinking when I put this blanket away without weaving-in the seams’ yarn ends? Well, just one short work session will take care of them. I’ll be able to share these daisies with a little foster girl loooong before the wild daisies will bloom.

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6 Responses to Daisies in the Meadow – Nearly Finished!

  1. Kathy says:

    Please don’t forget to weave the daisies!!…lol…..I love this one! But then I am partial to yellow and green and the simplicity of daisies and granny squares! Love it!….Kathy

  2. Bobbi says:

    Beautiful! This will be a treasure!

  3. Melody Sanchez says:

    Do you have a video tutorial on how to do your blanket? I luv the design. Thanks

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