A Lonely Mitt

Do you recognize this charcoal mitt? I knitted it for DH back in December.

Sadly, its partner has gone missing. It’s probably laying, forlorn, in a parking lot somewhere in New England, having dropped from of DH’s coat pocket when he pulled out his car keys.

Although a little disappointed that it happened so early in the mitt’s life, I’m not upset. After all, this is the very first item that’s gone missing in the six years I’ve knit for him! At least it’s not a hat knitted of thin sock yarn, or a loooong scarf.

What I dreaded wasn’t the knitting of the replacement mitt, but the hunting for the charcoal yarn! How much of it was left? Was it in the bag of scrap balls I keep for repairs? Was it among the charity wools? – or – Was it in the… Bum Bum Bum BAHM…   Waaahll of Yaaarrn?

I was already imagining an entire shelf of carefully stowed, but slippery, Ziplocs cascading to the floor around me as I attempted to remove just one bag. How many would I need to open to check the subtle differences in charcoals? Hearing me audibly groan at the thought, DH volunteered to help. He said he was sure that there had been a large amount of yarn leftover, so we would check ‘the wall’ first.

As I moved a floor lamp to shine directly over our work area, I realized that, although there were many bags of grey yarn, there were only three of charcoal! And the very first one I pulled free, with no resulting avalanche…

said ‘Charcoal Mitts’! Happy, happy, joy, joy! Don’t I feel silly for having turned a mole hill into a hillock?

I’ve already cast-on and started knitting a new matching mitt. Vroom, vroom!

If you’ve never knit with dpns (double-pointed needles) or have difficulty with it, you may find this photo tutorial at Purlbee helpful. They do a great job of explaining how to join and knit-in-the-round.

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6 Responses to A Lonely Mitt

  1. Yay for a giving yarn wall! I love that you labeled it with the color and project. A very good and ‘why didn’t I think of that? ‘ tip!

    • You can tell from my fretting, the label idea is relatively new to me too. lol. Guess this post proves how well it works – especially if you remember that you did it!! haha

      Just for clarity, the yarn wall is my personal natural fibre yarn stash, giving woolies are in the pie safe and the charity acrylic is in the attic. Yup, I have so much yarn it’s sorted by type and stored in different places. – Cottons are in the bedroom. 🙂

  2. I am IMPRESSED with that Wall of Yarn! I’m envious of your organization. I may have to follow your example of putting left-over yarn in a zip bag and labeling it. Great idea!

    • The yarn notes are a Big Help!

      I just learned another tip for yarns I harvest from sweaters – make a note of the sweater’s stitch and row gauge before starting to unravel. Too bad the idea came too late for all the unraveled yarn in the Wall of Yarn, although I did save snippets of a few sweater fabrics.

  3. Northern Narratives says:

    Wow, you have more yarn than I realized. I do admire how organized you are 🙂

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