Burgundy Boxes

Little did I know that this mini paint roller, which seemed an unnecessary part of the  painting tool kit that I bought for painting my craft room, would become my dearest friend while painting storage boxes.

It made the painting of a pile of paper boxes go so quickly…

I decided to paint some peach boxes too! Small lots of specialty yarns in my attic charity stash will be displaced, so I can put these sturdy little boxes to use in my craft room. I’ll be able to stack them once DH removes their handles! Conveniently, one peach box sitting on top of another fits neatly in my ‘cherry’ bookcases.

Boy, oh boy – I wouldn’t need to put on so many coats of paint if these boxes were tan cardboard, instead of white!

I can see I need to give the sides of at least that one a couple more coats. Ah, well…

they’re going to look so good once they’re all in place, with painted lids… leather handles…  and label pockets!!

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4 Responses to Burgundy Boxes

  1. Northern Narratives says:

    What kind of paint do you use on cardboard boxes?

    • Nothing special, some leftovers I happened to have from an earlier project.
      It’s a Satin Finish Latex, intended for walls and trim.

      I’ll be using Hi-Gloss Enamel for the box lids.
      I discovered one coat isn’t real shiny on cardboard. 🙂

      Got a painting project in mind?

  2. Looking forward to seeing the project when it’s finished. I like to paint, it’s meditative thinking time.

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