Nothing much has happened with the new entry way since I painted our old deacon’s bench dark green to match the tag sale shelf.

Here’s the bench, against the back of the two cherry bookcases, which form the new ‘wall’ of my craft room. It’s not hard to imagine how good the shelf will someday look hanging above it.

Things are a little more complicated than just driving two nails into the ‘wall’ to hang the shelf on, because the back of the bookcases is just cardboard! DH is going to add a 1 x 3 inside each bookcase, held horizontally by screws through the sides. Those 1 x 3s will support the weight of the green shelf.

While I wait for that to happen, I’ve been thinking about replacing the shelf’s Shaker pegs with something more stylish, maybe coat and hat hooks. I’d only gotten as far as showing DH several kinds of hooks that I found on the internet. There didn’t seem any hurry in buying them.

But then I noticed a display of several kinds of decorative knobs when I was in JoAnns. The cut glass ones especially caught my eye.

For once, I didn’t use any coupons! I didn’t need to, because these pretty baubles were already 50% off, at $2.49 a piece. They remind me of an antique one that was on one of our house’s doors when we moved here twenty-five years ago. Unfortunately, it had a crack in it and eventually broke, but I always liked the way it looked. Now I have five miniature ones!

Of course, this further complicates the hanging of the shelf, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

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4 Responses to Stalled

  1. Love the glass as they remind me of my mother’s house. Built in 1948, the doorknobs were glass.

  2. ron chong says:

    my girlfriend wants a deacon’s bench and we’ve been look for examples online so we can make our own. yours is the choicest we found. any chance you’d be willing to share a few key measurements and/or photos?? i can let you know what measurements i’d need. thanks for you consideration.

    • Sure, Ron, I’m glad to help with your project!

      Back in the 80’s my husband and I, just like you and your girlfriend, searched for a bench design that we both loved. Not finding one, we combined the best features from several and he built this one himself. With its fresh paint job you’d never know that it has spent the last several years banished to our garage. Sadly it lost its place in our house when we removed the wall between the living room and dining room. But with a new entry way. . . It’s Baaack!! 🙂

      What measurements or views do you need?

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