A Scrandom Ripple #13 – French Country Sept (Seven)

I blindly followed the Scrandom Ripple Plan that I wrote for French Country Sept, not really knowing how it would turn out. I am so pleased with my results!!

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There are so many things I love about this afghan: I love how the variegated yarn changes, depending on what colors are next to it. I love how my eyes keep moving from left to right and then back again. I love how I thought to put olive-green and raspberry stripes on both ends.

I can see all the individual colors in it, but I also see the whole, a lovely spring garden! I expect to see the Easter Bunny go bounding across it at any moment! LOL.

What more can I say?

This blanket is a great example of Scrandom-ness and I just love it, love it, love it!!

And I absolutely love my Scrandom Plan! I love how it helped me squeeze every bit of goodness out of almost every yarn that was left from the French Country series. I’m so happy when all I have left is teeny tiny balls of yarn!!

There’s the very last of the Red Heart Soft ‘French Country’ variegated yarn, which was the reason for this series of seven.

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12 Responses to A Scrandom Ripple #13 – French Country Sept (Seven)

  1. I love how each one has its own personality even though they all were inspired by the same colors. I agree number 13 is the crowning jewel! It’s absolutely gorgeous! The Easter Bunny would be fortunate, indeed,to find your blanket in his garden.

    • Do you think the Easter Bunny would be tempted to dump his load of chocolate goodies in my garden so he could fit #13 into his basket? I’m tempted to set-up a ripple lure!! LOL. 😀

      “Crowning Jewel!?” “Georgeous!?” You make me blush. Thank You!

      I like this one very much, but I would still say French Country Cinq (2012 #2) is my most favorite, with a similar color combo (plus brown), but a rather complex repeating stripe.

  2. Bettina says:

    what a wonderful result – and such a pretty, satisfying series from your French Country! And all so different from each other.

    • Pretty and Satisfying is a great description of this series! I think each one is pretty in its own way, I made full use of the French Country yarn, and I had fun stretching my design muscles a little. All together, it was a very satisfying process! 🙂

  3. Again, these photographs need to be enlarged and put on the gallery wall! Would make wonderful graphic art!!

  4. Kathy says:

    Oui! Oui! elles sont toutes si belles et colorées, mais pourtant si personne!
    Belle travail de Mme Linda! …… Kathy
    (Yes! Yes! They all are so beautiful and colorful But yet so individual!)
    (Beautiful work Ms. Linda!…..)

    The French just sounds so elegant!!

  5. Take a picture and mount it and put it on the wall with all the others! Lovely.

  6. The colours are great, well done.

    Next Q is: did you stand on a stepladder to photograph them all?! ;-p

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