Ripple of the Week #14 – That 70’s Ripple

Remember how ‘stylish’ kitchens looked during the 70’s? I attempted to revive one of the era’s favorite color combinations with a bunch of vintage yarn. Most of it came from thrift stores, but the cream was a small part of this yarn donation.

11,962 stitches – 899,997 donated since Jan. 2011

It was hard to decide which side of #14 I wanted to call the front. I chose the more subtle side. The cream stripes on the back are bolder.

Yikes!! Those variegated stripes remind me of undulating snakes!

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8 Responses to Ripple of the Week #14 – That 70’s Ripple

  1. Ohhh, that makes me think of shag carpets and brown colored stoves!

  2. Edith says:

    Love it! I must be a 70’s girl 🙂

  3. Oooohh I love this ripple blanket! Reminds me of my nan’s carpet – what lovely memories your blanket gives 🙂 I want to start a ripple blanket now! You’ve inspired me 🙂

    • Thank You! Glad my ripple brought back some good memories for you.

      Having both a granny and a ripple ‘on the hook’…
      ah, that sounds familiar…
      and fun! 🙂

      Ripples are my perpetual charity project, but I like having a granny (or two or three, hehe), going at the same time.

  4. Kathy says:

    Reminds me a bit of a pair of pants my brother wore! Of course the top he wore with them would be vertical stripes in red, white and blue….never color co-ordinating…but some how back then it matched!!…lol…..I love it! I love earth tone colors and I love the 70’s!! I love watching old tv shows or movies from the 60’s/70’s and scouting out the background for ripple or granny square afghans…they are always there if ya look hard enough!!….Groovy job ’74!!!!!!…..Kathy

    • I thought you were going to say the vertical stripes were on your brother’s pants!
      I had a couple pairs of striped hip-hugger bell bottoms in the early 70’s. Very Groovy!

      When I met my DH, he owned a polyester leisure suit in just about that shade of rust.
      Happily, it didn’t keep me from falling in love with him. Probably cuz I only saw him wear it once. 🙂

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