A Noro Sweater Turned Vest

When I was digging through all my wool yarns and sweaters, preparing for the move into my new craft room, I rediscovered a zippered cardigan that I bought at Sal’s for $1.99 sometime B.B. (Before Blog). I think it’s the Jane Ellison design, ‘York’, from the book, ‘Noro Knits‘.

Considering its color scheme, I guess I was thinking of knitting something for DH from its unraveled yarn. It looks like Noro’s Kureyon, probably color #55.

I’m so glad I got the chance to reconsider that decision, cuz it fits me just fine and I know I’m going to love wearing it… as a vest!… once I over-dye it! The success I had with the Pink! socks is prodding me to try a larger dyeing project.

And there’s a second part to my plan. The unraveled sleeves yielded five ounces of yarn. I think it would be fun to have matching fingerless mitts to wear with my new vest!!

I did a search in Ravelry to find a mitt pattern appropriate for Kureyon. I wanted to see how much aran weight yarn it takes to knit a pair. I also hoped to see how #55 looks as mitts. I found these two pairs.

The pattern for the shorter style, found here, at ‘another knitting blog’, calls for just one 50 gram (one and three-quarter ounces)/110 yard ball of Kureyon, so I’ve set aside one of my sleeve yarn balls for the mitts.

That leaves the second ball for dyeing experiments. I’ve already wound it into three little skeins with my niddy noddy, starting a new skein whenever I came to a break in the yarn. (Easy instructions for making a pvc niddy noddy like mine are here.) I’m going to start by dyeing the smallest skein with Wilton’s Red-Red Icing Color, hoping to get a red to burgundy color range. I also have Wilton’s Burgundy, if I should need to try again.

I couldn’t resist looking up this yarn’s retail value. My sweater weighed sixteen ounces.  Allowing a couple of ounces for the zipper, that means my sweater took eight skeins. (16 oz. – 2 = 14 oz. ÷ 1.75 oz. per skein = 8 skeins) So… with a retail cost for Kureyon of about $9.00 per skein, that means I paid $1.99 for a sweater made from… $72 worth of yarn?!!

Don’t you just Love it?! ROFL

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system, I’m off to dye some yarn…

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2 Responses to A Noro Sweater Turned Vest

  1. AnnB says:

    Thanks for sharing the the url for how to make a pvc kniddy knoddy. I will probably never spin yarn, but dividing a skein or to measure remnants would be easier with the kniddy knoddy.

    The other blog’s link for how to use one no longer works, so I found this. https://mbasic.facebook.com/notes/spinderellas-fiber-mill/a-figurative-yarn-chart-for-spinning/145211701114/

    • Thanks for that new link – a good explanation of how to figure yards per pound of an unknown yarn.

      Theoretically the pvc niddy-noddy makes two-yard skeins – It has an 18″-long center rod. – but usually they come out a little shorter because it’s so easy to stretch yarn as you quickly wind on. So, for accuracy, I check the actual length of one-time round with whatever yarn I wind, rather than relying on that suggested string test. String doesn’t stretch.

      Here’s a video (3 min.) of how to load yarn onto the niddy noddy, how to tie and twist the skein, etc.

      P.S. This reminds me – I still haven’t knit the fingerless mitts to match my Noro vest! lol.

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