Following a Crochet Whim

I’ve been thinking about crocheting a particular decorative throw for us. I’ve been thinking about it for so long, I can almost see it… casually thrown over the back of the solid-colored easy chair we’ll buy once our library/office is renovated. I know that a throw made with several of the big flowered chair’s colors will help that chair and a new one to better coordinate.

I want a lightweight crocheted throw, one more for show than warmth, a rather delicate and pretty thing. I plan to make it out of several of the finer wool yarns that I’ve unraveled from thrift sweaters. I imagine small, about two-inch motifs, possibly circular, nothing real floral-looking… maybe stars… or hexagons. Until this past week I hadn’t seen a pattern that came close to the type of motif I imagine. Then I saw the ‘Flower in a Star’ pattern on the blog, SuzPlace! This scarf that Sue crocheted with a color-changing sock yarn is very close to what I want!

I had to try the pattern, see how easy the motifs were to make, before I could think about beginning a project that would require a zillion of them! So I dug into my baby yarn stash and  started making Flower in a Star motifs.

Tah-da! Fast fun four-inch stars. They went so quickly and smoothly, I just kept going…

Soon I had twenty-one stars finished and I’d used up all the yarn. Back I went, to the box of baby yarn, hoping to find a yarn that would coordinate…

This yarn is of lighter, but similar colors.

It quickly became forty-two lighter stars to go with my twenty-one brighter ones.

These things are like yarnie potato chips…

I don’t want to stop!

I wonder what yarn I’ll pull from the baby yarn stash next…

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