Ripple of the Week #17 – Easter Bonnets

Although Easter Bonnets isn’t a scrap afghan in the usual sense of the word, it did eat up four balls of blue scrap yarns.

10,418 crochet stitches – 932,931 donated since Jan. 2011

Of all the different blue yarns in my charity stash, those were the ones that most closely matched the blue in Candy Print, a colorway of the discontinued yarn, Printelle, which was once made by Lion Brand. It’s mostly cream sprinkled with short dashes of several pastel colors.

With almost four ounces of it left, I can accent a future ripple. I wonder what colors I’ll have around to put with it next time?

I have even more of the pretty purple chenille left. It’s worth mentioning not only because it’s a unique-looking chenille made with both purple and white fibers, but because I salvaged it from a thrift store sweater.

I look at synthetic sweaters with a new eye since I’ve realized their yarn potential. They are the least expensive source of chenille that I’ve found. Typically, I get over a pound from a sweater, sometimes way over, depending on the sweater’s size, for about $2.00 on Wednesdays when all clothing except that with the newest color tag is half-off, and even less if the local thrift is having a bag sale!

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4 Responses to Ripple of the Week #17 – Easter Bonnets

  1. Edith says:

    Ooo, love this one. It’s so lovely and soft looking, perfect for a little girl.

  2. This is sssooo pretty, I just luuvvvv it!

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