Border Tryouts

Last night I decided my afghan called Christmas in Grannies was big enough when I reached 19 squares by 28 squares, about 36″ x 55″, but since it was still early in the evening, I kept crocheting and tried out a border.

It didn’t look terrible, but before long it just seemed too GREEN to me. Plus, although I had no good ideas for rounds that might follow it, I knew I wanted a wider border than just this. So I tried out another idea, which I liked so much more I started to crochet at top speed! Look how far I got with it!

Unfortunately, I’m not as enthusiastic about it this morning. Although I like the multiple shades of red, the two burgundy squares are just too different, disturbing the flow of the border.

I’m going to frog back to the first five red border squares. It’s painful to even think about it. I’ve never undone this much of an afghan before! But at least I’m sure that idea number three will be the charm, a scrap red border once again, but without any burgundy squares this time.

Note – You can see the legs of my step-ladder at the bottom of this photo. That’s how I get up high enough to fit this large of a blanket into a straight-on photo. A wooden chair does the trick when I photograph my small ripples.

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2 Responses to Border Tryouts

  1. Edith says:

    I liked the greeeeeeeeeeen! 😀

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