Another Scrappy Ripple of the Week – #16 – Waves

Yet another trip to the yarn scrap box made me realize my next ripple had to be a blue one cuz I had way over two pounds of blue scraps in there! Since a child-sized ripple (35″ x 54″) uses only a pound and a half (24 oz.), I could afford to be selective. I sorted the grey-blues from the pure blues.

The one pound pile of grey-blues wasn’t enough to make a ripple on its own, so I set it aside for later. Mmmm, four variegated in one ripple? That could be interesting.

Yeah! I still had twenty-four ounces of pure blues, just enough for a ripple! Seeing they were mostly little balls, which could result in alot of yarn bits too short for a row, I grabbed a few little white balls too. They’d be my insurance against running out of yarn!

I made navy, dark, medium, and light blue piles and weighed each pile.

There was 4 ounces of navy, 4 1/2 dark, 6 medium and 9 light, plus the extra white.

I divided all the amounts by the smallest number of ounces, four, and then rounded my answers down:ย  1 row navy, 1 row dark, 1 1/2 medium, and 2 light, that’s how many rows I could make of each color within a stripe repeat.

I decided I would start with one row each of navy, dark, and medium, then two rows of light blue. That’s the first repeat of my stripes. A single row of white serves as a dividing line. Then, reversing the order of the colors for the second repeat, I made two rows of light blue, TWO rows of medium this time, (1 row of medium in the first repeat and 2 rows of medium in the second repeat averages out to 1 1/2 rows) ending with one row each of dark and navy.

It was easy to remember the color sequence once I finished the first set:

You can see three repeats in this close-up shot:

I find it hard to call this one a “scrappy” ripple! It’s soooo pretty!


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This is what I love about working with scrap yarn! If I had made this ripple starting with one new skein of each shade of blue, which happens when I buy yarn specifically for a project, the finished afghan wouldn’t be nearly as interesting looking; it wouldn’t have the subtle variations within each shade.

Let’s compare “Waves” with the recent “Broad Blue Stripes” ripple. They have such different looks, even though made with very similar colors!

None of the bitty balls of yarn I had left after are large enough to make a complete ripple row. Funny, but I find that so satisfying!!

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6 Responses to Another Scrappy Ripple of the Week – #16 – Waves

  1. Edith says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Some more of my favourite colours ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kathy says:

    Beautiful Blues!!….makes ya wonder why they say you have the “blues” when you’re down. You’d think one would rather have the “taupes” or the “beiges”….something really bland in color!…lol….have a Rainbow of a week my friend Linda!…….Kathy

  3. There was a time that my phone wouldn’t let me log in, so it’s nice to revisit some of your older posts. This one is just sooo pretty. It’s so cool that you create such lovely blankets with just scrips and scraps. Even better that it is surely comforting a boy whose life has been turned upside down. I just love you, Linda.

    • You have a wonderful way with words, Karen. “whose life has been turned upside down” Such a simple way to describe what it’s probably like for a child entering foster care.
      I love you too. (( )) Thank you so very much for all the encouragement you’ve given me over these last two years! Well, almost 2 years; you left your 1st comment on alottastitches in Feb. 2012. – WordPress keeps track of so many bits of info for us. ๐Ÿ™‚
      And thanks for drawing my attention to ‘Waves’. – I haven’t done a ‘colorwash’ ripple in a looong time! I think my only other was ‘The Midas Touch’, July 2012. . Maybe in January?

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