Crochet Whim – Part 2

Remember? I was up to sixty-three finished Flower Stars at the end of Part 1, when I ran out of the light-colored variegated baby yarn. Since then I dug through my baby yarn stash again and found a similar, but even lighter-colored, variegated.

There was only enough of it to make twenty more Flower Stars, (eighty-three total) so I moved on to a fourth variegated pastel yarn, one with a shiny thread wrapped around the strand this time. Ooooh, a little sparkle for the baby!

Ta-Dah! Twenty-nine more Flower Stars!… bringing me to a total of one hundred and twelve!! That sounds like a lot of Flower Stars to me. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of stars?

I have no idea how many I need to make a baby blanket, but, since there are no other even remotely similar variegated baby yarns left in my stash, it’s time to figure out how to hook these pretty little things together anyway!

In the same blog post as the Flower in a Star Pattern, Sue shows photos of three ways to join the motifs, #1. Filled-In, which leaves no large openings between the motifs, #2. Open, where you sc around each motif, joining them at the points as-you-go, and #3. By Making a Garland. Go here to see more complete directions for the filled-in ‘Midnight Sky Stars’ and the open ‘White Frosting’ options.

I chose ‘White Frosting’, very fitting as I’m joining with white yarn. It has a shiny thread, just like the last variegated I used to make stars. And, even better… there’s almost a full skein of it! Here’s hoping that’s enough to join all my little Flower Stars. Ooooh, I like how they look so far…

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6 Responses to Crochet Whim – Part 2

  1. I like how they look, too! You are an artist with yarn.

  2. Kathy says:

    So dainty! It looks almost icy! Celestial Icing!….Its going to be a very beautiful afghan to a very beautiful girl!….Kathy

  3. Kathy says:

    That’s what I see when I see this baby afghan! Umm..hmmm (ever so shyly said)….if you’d like to…..I’d be honored……..but, whatever you may call it, it’s a beautiful afghan!

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