Ripple of the Week #20 – Tranquility

I planned Tranquility around the colors in the Red Heart Super Saver variegated yarn called Aspen Print. I chose only four yarns, RHSS Light Sage and Warm Brown, plus an unlabeled cream and a vintage dark brown.

10,418 stitches crocheted – 966,185 donated since Jan. 2011

Aspen Print is an unusual variegated yarn; its color segments are so short, every crochet stitch contains at least two colors. It makes soft, tweedy ripple stripes:

Although I have four more skeins of Aspen Print, I have no plans for starting another ripple series, like the series of seven I did with French Country, another variegated yarn. Still, I can’t resist comparing 2011’s #15, Soothing, which also included Aspen Print, with today’s Tranquility.

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6 Responses to Ripple of the Week #20 – Tranquility

  1. Which pattern do you use for your ripples? I would like to try new one.

  2. You know that green is one of my favorite colors …this is a tranquil combination.

  3. Kathy says:

    Just simply beautiful!! …… And you know…you do have another series starting that you may not realize…the names of the two afghans so far : 1.) Soothing….2.) Tranquility…..3.)What will this be? Serenity? Peaceful? Calming ? Comfort? … Just like myknittingcircle stated above that this is a tranquil combination….and that is what I think Aspen Print looks like to me too……Kathy

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