Blankets for an Auction

Last spring I donated two of my blankets to a nearby church’s silent auction, part of their annual fundraiser for a Haitian Ministry.

This year I’m offering them four:

#1 – Cool Jewels, which I finished last July, is one of my most favorite blankets. You can read all about my adventures while making this blanket by clicking on ‘Other Blankets’ in the Categories list over on the sidebar. Most of the posts that will come up (remember, they’re shown in reverse order) are about Cool Jewels.

I absolutely love it’s luminescence, which is best seen when it lays flat.

#2 – I crocheted the Checkered Rainbow Blanket a few years B.B. (before blog). It’s the usual size, about 35″ x 54″, good for a crib, a child’s carry-along blanket, or to use as a throw.

#3 – I also crocheted a fraternal twin from slightly different colors. It’s a little shorter.

What a fun baby shower gift they would be for someone expecting twins!

I found the simple pattern, “Cheerful Checks” by Nancy Fuller, in a little 5 x 8 Leisure Arts booklet, #75028, “Scrap Wraps”.

Pssst… a little secret… That link goes to Amazon where you can Look Inside! the booklet and see photos of all five crocheted blankets, plus you’ll find the complete patterns for both “Granny’s Favorite”, which is on the booklet’s front cover, and “Graceful Appeal”, seen on page four… shhhh.

Maybe it’s time for me to revisit this pattern. It would be a great way to use some of that mound of ecru yarn I was given in December.

Pick #4 is the freshly finished Christmas in Grannies:

I know at least one other person is giving them a crocheted blanket, so they may not want all four I’m offering. After all, five is alot of blankets for a small church auction and there’s no point in flooding the market. That would only lower the price they’d get for each one. I can easily put the extras back in my blanket stash.

Oh, I’m also giving them the cotton market bags I crocheted last year, the Crocheted Stash Basket and the Seaside Tote. You can follow this link to a list of four free bag patterns, including the ones for these two designs.

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10 Responses to Blankets for an Auction

  1. I really love the cool jewels blanket. How did you fix all the pieces together: crocheted or sewn?

    • Good question! I whipstitched them together.
      You can read more about it in this post. It also contains a list of several other ways to join and links to tutorials.

      I apologize if, in an attempt to find your answer, you did the Cool Jewels search as I suggested… I forgot, I didn’t call it Cool Jewels until its last few posts. :S I’m going to go correct the wording right now.

    • Okay, now it says:

      “You can read all about my adventures while making this blanket by clicking on ‘Other Blankets’ in the Categories list over on the sidebar. Most of the posts that will come up (remember, they’re shown in reverse order) are about Cool Jewels.”

      Ah, much better. 🙂

  2. Kathy says:

    Wow you’ve gots lots of afghans at home to keep on giving!! I love that Cheerful Checks duo you did! I happen to have that leaflet & that really puts a colorful visual for that pattern in mind! Of course my heart always has a place for a granny square afghan….both are beautiful in their own colorful way. On my do to list I have had a shopping tote to do…yours came out very nice!! Plus the hand modeling really does help showcase your tote!! ;)…..(you know how that hand modeling is just the creme de la creme for me…wink-wink…lol)…….They all will do great in the auction…how can they not? Each one is made with love………Kathy

    • I think there are only two or three more afghans left in my gift stash. It’s always been nice to have one ready when I needed it.
      HaHA… I read your note so quickly, my mind came up with a granny square shopping tote… actually, that sounds like a rather fun idea! It could make grocery shopping more enjoyable.
      That’s an old hand model shot from last year; I suppose now I’ll have to pay him some sort of residual for it’s repeat use. sigh. 😉

    • I crocheted the ‘Checkered Rainbow’ blanket so long ago, I had to dig out the ‘Cheerful Checks’ pattern to be sure of what I’d done!

      According to the link you provided tapestry crochet is single crochet while my blanket was worked in doubles, switching colors every four stitches, but you do carry the unused color along in a similar way.
      And yes, it was done in single rows instead of squares.

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