Just a Little Yarn

Have you noticed how long it’s been since I bought yarn?!!

Yes, I’ve continued accepting yarn donations, I’m not one to turn down free yarn, but I haven’t paid for any since mid-January! I decided a couple of weeks ago that I deserved a reward, a little charity yarn treat for sustaining a yarn fast for the long three plus months.

I found myself another ‘yarn blanket’ at Savers. DH has already unraveled it into these Five Pounds! of lovely yarn balls.

I think it’s Red Heart Super Saver. Paying $6.40 for all this is like getting eleven skeins of RHSS for 70¢ each! Yay!! Eventually I’ll turn it into three and a half more ripples for foster kids.

Of course, one yarn buy often leads to another. Sal’s had this amazing sweater, which I fondly call my ‘Muppet fuzz’ sweater. I’ve finished the back and started on a sleeve.

It’s a somewhat ‘hairy’ pink, orange and silver novelty yarn. I can’t wait to see what this is going to look like in a ripple!

Actually, with fifteen ounces of this silly stuff, I guess I’ll be using it in several future ripples! Most novelty yarns come in little 1 3/4 ounce (50 gm) balls… so I got over eight skeins worth of novelty yarn for $2.00! hehe

Although this comes to nearly six pounds of new yarn, my charity stash is still down by fifteen pounds, so I’m good.

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2 Responses to Just a Little Yarn

  1. Cheryl says:

    Love all your new yarn aquisitions … I can see some beautiful blankets in your future 🙂

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