Ripple of the Week #22 – Parakeets

I wanted to use this interesting novelty yarn, Moda Dea Cheri, in my next ripple.

Although my rule of three rows per ounce works well for most acrylic yarns, like Red Heart Super Saver, it’s not always reliable for novelties which can be much denser. Remember how I ran out of the Fun Fur in Princess? I knew that I needed a more accurate way to measure yarn usage if I was going to enjoy playing with Cheri and the rest of my novelty yarns.

It dawned on me that many patterns refer to how many yards of yarn you need, not how many ounces. I didn’t know already how many yards of yarn I used in my ripples, but I knew they weigh about twenty-four ounces when made of RHSS, so I thought I could soon figure its yardage. Imagine my surprise to find that there’s no yardage information on its label! But with Google’s help I learned that there are 364 yards in a seven-ounce skein, which meant I use fifteen yards for one ripple row. (364 yds ÷ 7 oz. = 52 yd per oz. ÷ 3.33 rows per oz = 15 yds per row)

Back to the Moda Dea Cheri, which has eighty-one yards in a skein. That’s roughly five ripple rows (81 yds per skn ÷ 15 yds per row = 5 rows). Since I have so much Cheri, I thought I’d save two skeins for another ripple, which left me four skeins, twenty rows, for Parakeets.

Too limp when crocheted alone, I added a strand of yellow baby yarn to Cheri.

Simply holding the two yarns together while I crocheted worked smoothly and I love the result…

Relying on the yarn’s yardage worked! I got the twenty rows of Cheri that I wanted…


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and I have two full skeins of Cheri left. YAY!

I can only hope the other novelty yarns in my stash have labels, labels with yardage information! Glancing back at the stash photo, I see my chances of that aren’t so good, only about 50/50. But that problem can wait for another day..

so let’s enjoy one more view of my pretty Parakeets.

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6 Responses to Ripple of the Week #22 – Parakeets

  1. Great job! I enjoy seeing what you come up with every week…it’s very inspiring! Looking forward to the next ripple! 🙂

    • Hello! and welcome to alottastitches!

      Thank you very much for the note of encouragement.
      It’s alot more fun to make yet another ripple when I know my ‘fans’ are waiting to see it! 😀
      The next is another Wriggly Ripple. I’m calling it Sunset.

  2. Bettina says:

    LOVE the name! 🙂

  3. Renee says:

    WOW! I love this one, you really did a awesome job on it. So very Bright & Cheery.

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