A Wooly Challenge

When I sort through a bag of donated yarn…

or a thrift store or tag sale haul,

I often discover a few scrap balls or skeins of wool. Over time I’ve accumulated a wool stash destined for charity knitting.

Sadly I’ve never found a local charity that accepts woolen items, but DH is going to a conference in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada next month, creating an opportunity for me to give to Warm Hands Network, an Ottawa-based organization that collects handmade WOOL (Yay!!) blankets, sweaters and accessories. Twice a year shipments are made to warm impoverished children in remote areas of northern Canada. In February a shipment went to Moosonee, the gateway to the arctic and any woolies I may donate will be shipped come October.

I’ve already finished knitting my first, a simple ribbed cowl. I made it with one strand each of olive and pale grey yarns held together.

It’s very similar to Tiennie’s Ribby Neckwarmer (Ravelry project page w/180+ examples!). The free pdf is also available through Tiennie Knits, (photo link on right sidebar).

To be honest, it’s the turtleneck part from my first attempt at Anna Hromova’s Basic Neckwarmer. (Ravelry project page) The free pattern pdf is at Sunnyknits in both English and Russian. My mom would call this type of neck warmer a dickey. The four corners of its flat ‘bib’ are created with 3-in-1 increases, also known as kyoks, which I had never done before. The pattern’s step-by-step directions were clear, but I tried to use markers instead of counting stitches and I messed up how I placed and moved them. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I’d done something wrong until I was almost finished with the dickey! I had just run out of my marled yarn and was attaching a completely different olive yarn for the garter stitch border when I noticed my increase lines curved to the right instead of going straight. It seemed like a good idea to just unravel back to a cowl and bind off.

One warm wool cowl finished.

I’m already giving the dickey another try. I have plenty, four and a half ounces, of this bright red acrylic/wool blend, vintage Phildar Pegase 206, and I think I know where I went wrong with those pesky increase markers, but I’m going to experiment on a swatch before I do any increases on the neck warmer itself. Until then, the 2×2 ribbed part is easy breezy knitting.

Let’s see how many woolies I can finish by June 7th!

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2 Responses to A Wooly Challenge

  1. craftynowy says:

    Such a philanthropist!

    • HaHa… just glad to have a reason to burn through some “odd-ball wools”. 🙂

      Thinking about the sub-zero nights on James Bay, where these woolies are going, helps me knit faster. Brrrr!!

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